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Whenever I share progress updates from the ladies on the programme like Pat, Sue and Penny (as I have recently)

I’ll get quite a lot of messages asking for more information 

So today, I’m going to actually get straight to the point and answer this one here (just in case I missed a reply)

So here’s more information on our 4-Week Kickstart that starts on Monday 7th October:

*We start off with a Kickstart coaching and mentoring session where we’ll put together a step-by-step plan 

*Access to up to 3 (ladies only) 30 minute workouts with me per week in Marlborough or Burbage or Devizes, with sessions available from 615am, 7am, 930am, 1130am, 1900 and 1940 depending on location

*Weekly check in with me using my ‘big brother’ accountability system to make sure you do the things you know you need to do

*Access to live yoga and home workouts so you can follow along with from home

*A personalised nutrition plan and shopping list personalised for your lifestyle so you know what you’re eating and when

*I will set you simple, short, but effective follow along home workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime (with no equipment) all adapted for you (even if you have hip, knee or joint issues)

* Access to our Private, VIP Members only support group where you’ll have access to me and get mentoring, coaching and guidance

*Live seminars and coaching sessions to support and guide you going forwards with your challenges so you don’t lose motivation and can overcome self sabotage

*A Private, 1-1 coaching session with me where we’ll check your progress, work on any obstacles and keep you on track so you can keep the results for good

*Done for you meal plans and shopping lists for when life gets super busy

*An all access pass to our “retreat“ in Marlborough where we have a morning of short and simple tone up workouts, nutrition coaching, mindfulness meditations, yoga, and refreshments 

And a whole lot more..

All specifically designed for ladies 40+ who struggle to do the things they already know they need to do …

We start next week

So, if you’re ready?

Send over a message and we can go through the next steps.

Matt ‘info’ Fruci

PS- “DOES IT WORK?” I often get asked…

I mean, ‘worked’ is subjective as ‘worked’ depends on what your goal actually is e.g. fitness, weight loss, dropping a dress size, perhaps even reducing / coming off of medications etc…All things that can be done…

just look at some of the testimonials below >>>>

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