And Mimi didn’t do that ’12 week plan’

Probably one of the most thought-provoking reviews I’ve ever had from Body and Mindset Transformation member, Mimi:

“I had been completely lost in fitness and had goals that have pushed my body to the absolute brim of human capability.

It actually made me really unhealthy. I’d cut out complete food groups and become best friends with a treadmill

Through discussion and rationalism we together are working through the best way for me to be a healthy version of fit (not ridiculous diets). 

​​​He encourages there is no one way, and that being fit is different for everyone. He focuses on individual goals that are manageable for every client. ​​​​​​​​​

It isn’t just about the gym, or just about food and it doesnt forget about everything else in life… its how these factors can work together.​​​

Matt is so so so qualified but what is nice is that he isn’t throwing stats and facts in my face about different food groups. 

​​​He believes that food is a vital part of socialising and lifes enjoyment, and works around finding a steady place with how being fit and healthy can fit into the everyday – without it becoming totally overwhelming and un-maintainable. 

I’ve wasted many many ££ on the fitness industry but being coached my matt is certainly money well spent.​​​”

I was planning on releasing more info about the application process for Female Fat Loss Mastery​​​ today…

BUT instead…

I want to share with you Mimi’s blog that she recently started about her journey and transformation with how she sees fitness, health, eating out and life!

She was actually indecisive about writing this just in case no one read it.

^^^ Yet she’s had more shares than all my posts put together ​​​​​​

My favourite part of Mimi’s blog post?

“For someone who doesn’t listen to 99.9% of the fitness industry I think I look pretty good… 

​​​and guess what? 

​​​I didn’t do that 12-week plan.”

You can read Mimi’s blog here: ​​​

Speak soon,


PS. I’ll reveal more about the application process for Female Fat Loss Mastery ​​​​​​​​tomorrow (I promise)
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