Did This Wake You Up This Morning?

“Comfort and joy

Comfort of joy…”

Apologies if I woke you up with my singing this morning…

But I’m still feeling Christmasy from last weekends Christmas Carol service that I attended with the better half.

They even did my favourite Christmas hit:

“Rest Ye Merry Gentleman”

You know the one from Mr Bean when he takes over the Salvation Army band carol service?

^^^ I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I pictured Mr Bean conducting the choir who were singing

But it’s not just Mr Bean and the catchy, jingly song that make me smile…

It’s these lyrics, too (which Kanye West claims to have written):

‘Oh tidings of comfort and joy’

Which means there’s news of comfort and joy

^^^ Yes, despite what you hear about humanity (or the lack of) on the news

Because comfort and joy 


Dare I say it – having a bit of fun with this weight loss stuff

Are exactly the things I teach you in Female Fat Loss Mastery

* No diet pills

* No ‘magic’ shakes

* No ‘4 week plan’ then pile the weight back on

Just scientifically backed methods that empower you to build your own nutritional strategy that takes away the stress of knowing what and when to eat so that:

* You can ditch the love handles without giving up your favourite foods or spending hours in a gym doing boring, painful workouts

* You can increase your energy (to the extent that your friends and family asking you what you’re on)

* You can improve your sleep, be more productive and have more time for you.


* You’ll get free access to my ‘inner circle’ accountability group (to guarantee you don’t lose motivation, give up and pile the weight back on)

* And a monthly 1-1 Body and Mind Transformation Meeting (so that you can adapt your nutritional strategy, lose more fat and feel more confident in the clothes that you actually want to wear 

There’s more ‘joyful’ news…

Because I have a 7-day free trial starting from Monday 16th January 2017 for 10 females.

Applications are now open and you can apply by going here:


See you on the other side,


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