How to better handle your drink (wine) this Christmas

We all have that family member who can’t handle their drink at Christmas

They’re slurring their words

Or more worryingly…

FACE DOWN upstairs in YOUR bed at 3pm on Christmas Day

^^^ As the Northern Grandad was just a few years ago 

But whether you can handle your drink or not…

We know that you’re going to be having a drink this time of the year.

Now, I could sit here (as I sip my morning coffee…WITHOUT brandy. Just for the record) and tell you not to drink 

But then I’d just be like the other all-or-nothing guys in army trousers telling you that ‘you don’t want it bad enough’

So, instead…

I’m going to get all geeky on you.

Because a recent study showed that you could be UNINTENTIONALLY drinking more wine

They found that:

1) People poured 12% more wine into their glass when wider glasses were used.

2) People poured 12% more wine into their glass when they were holding the glass (as opposed to having on the table)

Now, not only could this 12% more pouring cause arguments between you and the other half about where the bottle has gone…

But it could also add an extra 50 calories (or so) on an evening 

Now, of course, this is fine if you’re doing this on the odd occasion.

But what is these unintentional habits are happening every day?

When you pour your cereal in the morning (and evening it seems, nowadays)?

Stand by the freezer eating Ben & Jerry’s out of the tub?

Thickly cut your freshly baked tiger bread?

Well…these could add up

And mathematically…

Just 100 calories extra per day could lead to 10lbs of fat gain in a year.

Which is exactly why I actually educate you on how to include alcohol into your nutritional strategy

Because the best diet in the world is the one you can do.

And once you can do it, you see your waistline disappearing and notice that your ‘fat clothes’ are starting to feel baggy…

The momentum builds and you’ll find yourself mindlessly eating WELL

Which is exactly what I teach you in Female Fat Loss Mastery

Best wishes,


PS. I’ll be revealing more about the January FREE trial for Female Fat Loss Mastery ​​​​​​​​​tomorrow!

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