Which milk is the best to improve your health and help you lose weight?

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"Is there a benefit of me swapping cows milk for soya, coconut, or almond?"

Once upon a time, getting your staple bread and milk was easy…

Nowadays, even for a Registered Nutritionist, it’s pretty damn confusing…

So it’s no wonder I got a question asking whether there’s any benefit to swapping cows milk for soya, coconut or almond milk even if you have no allergies / intolerances with cows milk?

Can you imagine the size of the modern milkmans TRUCK?

But with this influx of dairy free milks…it seems to have led some of us to believe that diary milk is ‘bad’ for everyone…

And that these ‘plant’ based milks are ‘better for you’.

So, I’ve together this quick picture to summarise pretty much everything you need to know so you can “digest” it in seconds...

And I said “pretty much” everything because when it comes to the menopause?

It MAY to be a little DIFFERENT....

Because they found that 2 or more soya products a day (such as tofu, milk or yogurt) reduced hot flushes by 26%…

Remember, this doesn’t mean that cows milk causes hot flushes...it just means soya products may help...​​​​

Which milk do you drink?

Matt ‘ milkman’ Fruci

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