This is what happens when I’m tired and hungry

So, it's been a tough week coming going to and from the hospital with the little one not being too well and trying to juggle everything else (wow does that washing pile up...).

Thankfully, she's on the mend now.

But one thing I noticed was just how irrational my food choices become when I'm tired and hungry...

You see, there was my daughter with some creamy cheese (Cathedral City doing those little snack packs by the way which are perfectly portioned), organic tomatoes, baked sweet potato chips, tenderstem broccoli and- off course - her favourite 2-ingredient banana pancakesI showed you here...topped with some yoghurt.

Which meant she didn't really eat much of the sloppy fish pie she was given at the hospital...


The - not burnt but enthusiastically crisp (in the words of Gregg Wallace) - fish pie was half me...because I was THAT hungry and tired. Oh...and I polished off the cheese because 'it was just there' staring at me...

But the reason I wanted to share this with you is because you are NOT lacking willpower if you feel yourself  tempted by the Quality Street out on the side (even the $#*! Chocolate green triangle one...).

The only thing you are?

Is human.

Both you and me are wired to EAT to survive. And the way we are surrounded by snacky, high calorie food today in supermarkets, offices, pharmacies (which is crazy), coffee shops, & petrol stations makes this weight loss and toning up stuff even harder. 

So, my advice to you?

Take care of your OWN environment FIRST. 

Because if more times than not, you make the 'healthy' choice the easy option? You will slim down and be able to ditch the baggy clothes for good.

Truth is, there's no point protesting about the sugar they put in your cereals or the chocolate at the checkouts if we are leaving this stuff out on our kitchen side...

Because - just as the enthusiastically crisp AKA BURNT - fish pie I ate at the hospital showed me...

You are 3 times more likely to eat the first thing you see than the 5th.

Which is why you're show some of the most simple, yet effective tummy slimming habits in my 12 Week Shift Project starting January 8th (more details on this soon...)

But for today?

Start here:

1) Make sure the only thing you have out on the side is a fruit bowl

2) Only eat food out of a bowl  / plate (and not the packet)

3) Put your knife and fork down between mouthful

There are SO simple...

You probably think they won't work for you.

And I thought this, too.

But just try it TODAY. 

That's all I got

Matt 'enthusiastically crisp NOT burnt' Fruci
SHIFT: Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back (now available on Amazon Kindle)

PS. I've got some exciting news about my 12-Week Shift Project starting January 8th so I'll keep you posted as just finalising a few things to make this weight loss and toning up stuff easier for you. 

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