Can you really lose 11lbs in just 2 weeks? Message from Jackie

got this message from Jackie:

“I know it’s a Saturday, but just had to you….weighed myself this morning…i’ve lost 11lbs in just a little over 2 weeks. bloody boom!!!!”

and bloody boom indeed. 

This is without counting any calories or weighing foods, either…

Well done, Jackie 💪👏👏 but one thing I want to stress is that everyone loses weight / fat at different rates.
It can be a mysterious beast sometimes 😂
My advice to you?
Compare yourself to you and make the “diet” for your lifestyle (not the other way around)🔥
This way, whether you travel with work, work night shifts or have fussy eaters at home?
You can make it work for you 😃

Which is what I show you in my 14-Day Fit For Life Body Transformation Kickstart…
If you want results like Jackie?
You have to be quick, as this starts tomorrow.


Here’s what you get: 

✅ A 3-day meal plan and shopping list showing you EXACTLY what and when to eat so you can get started TODAY

✅ Simple 5 minute home workouts you can do anytime, anywhere

 Access to up to 3 ladies only 45 minute workouts per week with me in Marlborough morning or evening at either 7am (St Mary’s Church Hall) or 715pm (Marlborough College Sports Centre)

 A one to one strategy meeting with me where we’ll go over a healthy fitness and nutrition strategy that fits your lifestyle and gets you to your goals

✅ A private supportive community of positive like-minded ladies so you don’t lose motivation or feel alone on your fitness journey

✅ BONUS: Strategies to beat hunger, eat out and still slim down and know what to do when things go a bit wrong 🤷♀️ (as you’re only human)

Here’s the link to kickstart your health and fitness:

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