Blaming Mrs Fruci and Skipping Breakfast

“Where’s my grey shorts, Jenn?” I shout up to my wife, anticipating that she must have moved them as I can’t find them 😂

“I can’t remember the last time I wore them” << That’s Mrs Fruci’s witty response haha

“Found them” I reply 10 seconds later…

It’s a real bad habit of mine. Asking where something is without properly looking. It’s so deeply engrained. Is it a man thing?

But it reminds me of the ‘myths’ that are so deeply engrained they stop you from losing weight, getting fitter and – dare I say it – enjoying this fitness and healthy eating stuff so you can stick to and be fitter and healthier for longer…

Things like:

❌ Break boosts your metabolism and is the most important meal of the day (for some people, skipping breakfast actually helps them lose more weight) 

❌ Sugar makes you fat

❌ Fat makes you fat

❌ Coffee dehydrates you (I’d have shrivelled up by now)

❌ Protein makes you bulky (it’s actually one of the easiest ways to lose fat and beat hunger)

❌ Dairy makes you fat 

Anyway, all these myths are blooming confusing…

And if you believe them, are probably making you stress more than you need to about what and when to eat to tone up and be healthy.

Just something to think about.

Especially next time you find yourself going on a new health kick.


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