Cinnamon, Type 2 Diabetes, and The Popeye Conspiracy

Had this interesting question the other day:

"I've been told I'm borderline Type 2 diabetic and that I need to lower my blood sugar levels. Will cinnamon help?"

In short?

Cinnamon has been shown to help reduce blood sugar levels and cholesterol. 

^^^ that probably doesnt include cinnamon buns 😉


before you go taking on the Cinnamon challenge 

(this is where you aim to eat a spoonful of cinnamon in 60 seconds without drinking anything...please don't do this...)...

Be wary that TOO much cinnamon (of the Cassia kind) can be toxic (so please consult your GP before going crazy with the Cinnamon challenge...)

In summary:

* Cinnamon may help. Add it in to yoghurts, porridge, shakes, smoothies, and - my favourite - on sweet potato chips 🙂 Unless you're doing the Cinnamon challenge multiple times a day? You'll be fine.


* adding cinnamon to your diet and expecting miracles is a bit like me eating spinach and expecting muscles like popeye...

^^^ we all know popeye was eating something else off-air...

The key - in most cases - to help you reduce the risk of conditions, like Type 2 diabetes?

Fat loss!

And its why building a diet and exercise plan that:

1) Fits your lifestyle so you can stick to it and 'stop stopping'

2) Gives your body the nutrients it needs (which will automatically make you feel more full up)

3) Isn't a full time job where you're thinking about food all day

4) Is - dare I say it - fun...

are the keys that I use when working with the ladies using my SHIFT Personal Training and Nutrition System

Want to try it for free?

Go here:


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