Message from Karen (who’s a technophobe 😂)

From working with hundreds of ladies in Wiltshire, there’s 3 things that I know work to help you lose weight, tone up and -dare I say it – feel better about yourself..

(not to mention save yourself years of trying to figure this stuff out for yourself)

1. A simple, personalised plan that you can follow even when things go wrong (because they WILL…you’re human)

2. Support from positive like-minded ladies to help you stay motivated when it gets difficult (because you will have days where you don’t give yourself enough credit for what you’re doing…)

3. Accountability to help you do the things that you already know you need to do (it’s why I have a coach myself..he’s a dietitian…)

And the reason I’m sharing this with you today is because I truly believe I’d be doing you an injustice if I didn’t share some of the messages I’ve had this past week from the ladies using my Ladies Only Personal Training and Nutrition System in Marlborough and gave you the opportunity to try it (and save you years trying to figure it out for yourself)

Got this message from Karen:

“So, problem. Last years Summer clothes are swimming on me, all really nice, so perhaps I could them?”

^^^ And Karen’s a technophobe. She doesn’t use any of the members home workouts area or our the app which tells you what and when to eat, just simple our 1-page Healthy Meal Maker System

And this message from Jackie really made me laugh:

“my belief in myself started this morning in pyjamas and trainers 🤣. 3 x 10 reps squats. 30 ‘walnut cracker’ thingys. 30 x push ups. Plank for as long as I could. Ski sit (Is that what it’s called?) for as long as I could. Nice stretch. And headspace done.

What are you doing to me. I’m not in work until half 1 and a very long shift to do. I’d usually lay about in bed reading.

PJ’s and trainers are the new me 🤣🤣🤣

If you want to kickstart your health and weight loss journey and finally find something that you can stick to for good?

You might be interested in my 14 Day Fit For Life Kickstart which starts on Monday 30th April.

Places are limited to 10 ladies (first come, first served).

You can learn more by clicking below if you think it might be for you:

>>>> The 14 Day Fit For Life Kickstart

Speak soon,


PS. You’ll see on the page below that I’ve shared before and after pictures of some of the ladies using the system.

But what I really want you to do is have a look at their stories so you can see where they were how they felt when they were first started:

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