Juicing, Counting Points, Sins, Or Lean In 15?

I got asked a pretty amazing question the other day from one of the ladies I work (which I'm excited to share with you today):

"Which commercial diet do you think is the best one to do and which one would you do if you were me?"

^^ 'Me' referring to a post menopausal woman (so bare with me as I try to become a post menopausal woman...thank god I'm a guy. No matter what anyone says, we have it a lot easier than you, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Anyway, I'm diving straight in to the question. Well, right after I sip my coffee. Now, I'm ready.

(Side note: Mrs Fruci has already noted to me that I keep talking to myself by the way. Almost like I'm narrating my life...as I left the room the other day to announce my trip to the bathroom lol)


1) Slimming World:

It DOES have some science behind it. It works by assuming that if they call foods that are the most filling 'free' (as in you can eat as much as you want)

You will eat less, create a calorie deficit and lose weight. 

this - obviously - DOES work for some people.

In fact, nearly all of the ladies I've worked with have done Slimming World and lose a load of weight with it. They just haven't been able to keep it off a lot of the time or been pi55ed off at being told off for not sticking to it even when they have...

For me personally? Well as someone coming from a disordered eating background (I was anorexic), having 'good' and 'bad' foods, 'free' foods,  and 'sins' really would make me obsess about food to the extent that my life would be just thinking about food....

Something I don't want to be doing with a 1 year old and another baby on the way...(just my opinion)

2) Weight Watchers -

They use a very simple points system which does make counting calories and making sure you are eating less A LOT easier. 

If it is easier and more simple? You are more likely to succeed in your weight loss. they also have a pretty cool support system I believe? Which does help with accountability. I like that. Its why I have a ladies only support group and group sessions. 

However, as far as I know, they don't have any exercise (which would suggest that keeping the weight off may be difficult, according to the research, as exercise does help you keep it off).

Another thing I have heard is that the only way is down. As in, if you don't lose weight? They just tell you to eat less. 

Now, that might work. Sometimes, it is what is needed. However, more often than not, I find that if I work with the ladies on another area (e.g. their relationship with food, food environment, add in a few more snacks to feed a craving rather than starve it, get them using their other senses to get a high rather than just food, focus on their 'focus' and mindset, or focus getting fit and strong?)...

They usually end up losing fat again. 

And another point on that, if you're dieting and NOT exercising, you will probably lose more weight as you'll lose more muscle with your fat (which isn't good for keeping it off long term).

3) Lean in 15 -

Quick and easy recipes make it more simple to cook from scratch and prepare foods. They tend to be higher in protein which will help keep you full up for longer...which may mean you snack less on sugary foods, eat less and lose weight. 

A few of the ladies have said that the preparation was still a lot of effort for the meals and that you had to use load of different ingredients which sometimes made them think 'F it'. They also found they lacked the accountability to actually do any of the exercise at home as it was all online and quite impersonal...

4) Jason Vale Juicing -

Saves time and effort because you don't have to really plan or cook, as your meals / juices are done in seconds ( so you don't have to rely on willpower and make 100s of decisions about what and when to eat)

It means you buy less crap and have less temptations.

You'll 100% lose weight as it is a simple way to 'trick' us into eating less, basically. 

the problem?

What do you do when you eat out? Have a social event? Is there enough protein to keep  you full up? What do you do after losing 7lbs in 7 days? 

What would I choose?

I like that Weight Watchers make calorie counting simple. I like that they make you aware that there are essentially no good or bad foods ( as far as I can see) but rather its how you balance them.

However, with no exercise or 'after after' plans aka what do you do when your fat loss slows down? Eat less? Then eat less? It just becomes all about weight and don't get me started about why weighing yourself at 6pm every week isn't accurate and can wreak havoc with your mind...

Juicing is simple, which I like as I'm pretty lazy (it's why I actually have a few shakes myself when I'm busy). But the lack of protein means I'd be starving. There's no after after plan, either. What happens next? Does it teach you anything about building a healthy, sustainable nutrition plan? 

Lean in 15 would probably make me feel scared to eat carbs based on what on of my clients told me about how in one of his books he said to only eat carbs on high intensity exercise days? I like that he includes exercise, but if I was a post menopausal women who hasn't exercised in years? This would scare the $#*! out of me and I would need more than a hunky online trainer to get motivated...

That said, Lean In 15 does make you eat more protein.

Wow, this is tough.

But overall?

If I had to choose, I think I'd go for Weight Watchers. Just because it's a start for making some small changes that I can implement into my life without having to use 'organic coconut oil' and 'organic parsley' like some of the ingredients I see in Lean In 15.

Although I like that Lean In 15 focuses more on protein and exercise, I don't like that Lean In 15 can create that mindset that there are 'good' and 'bad' foods and the type of exercise isn't suitable for everyone (although maybe he adapts it for you, I'm not sure)?

I also feel like having a bit of one to one interaction with Weight Watchers would make me a bit more accountable.

So there you have it, that's my honest opinion. 

And it's helpful for me to do this and speak to you about your experiences with them. Because it helps me - as a Registered Nutritionist and Female Fat Loss Coach - To help make this weight loss stuff easier for you. 

And from this, I've developed my Nutrition and Personal Training System which takes the good from the commercial programmes and - in my opinion - brings them all together to make this weight loss stuff simple, personalised and - most of all - effective for you with an AFTER AFTER plan so you know what to do for good

^^^ A 'Keepuppable' Plan (as Ellen puts it)

so you can build a healthy eating plan that you can stick to, lose weight, feel fit again, and get back into your favourite clothes. 

Have you ever done any of the above diets? If yes, how did you find them? ‚ÄčLet me know below

Speak soon,


PS. Tomorrow, I'll be opening up applications for my 14 Day Fit For Life Kickstart Programme starting Monday 30th April. I'll tell you more tomorrow. 

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