3 Simple Ways To Satisfy Your Summer Cravings

With the sun out for all of 3 days….

Ice creams, BBQs and Pear Ciders are in full flow.

The best part?

You don’t need to ‘give up’ any of these things to lose weight.

In fact, in a research study which asked people how they lost weight and kept it off?

They just spoke about how they made simple swaps when they were in control of the meals (e.g. having a lighter breakfast when you know you’re off out to  a BBQ and are going to have a pear cider later) so they could enjoy themselves without feeling guilty or restricting themselves to the extent they found themselves with their head in the ‘Share-Size’  bag of Walkers Sensations …

But, here’s 3 simple things you can do to ‘cool down’ 😓 and satisfy some cravings:

1) Drinkies Try a glass of water first. Don’t like water? Try Sparkling water? Don’t like sparkling water? Try a low calorie squash or low calorie, sugar free and ‘tax free’ fizzy drink 👍💪

Fizzy drinks can help you beat hunger! They can also help you in social situations when you feel like you want to have something.

One I like to do: Mix sparkling water with a little bit of sugar free lemon squash..easy!

Luckily for me, I’m a whisky on ice (or with diet coke) type of guy 🙂 Although when I’m in Cornwall? I can be vulnerable to a pear cider.

2) Have a coffee – it’s been shown time and time again to curb hunger (even if it’s a decaf coffee)

^^^ Frappacinos kind of defeat the object of this though haha

3) Have some Mini Milk lollies in your freezer – 30 calories each…cools you down, takes time to eat, and hits your sweet tooth…🐄 🐄 🐄 🐄 🐄

These are just 3 simple tips that if you do, could help you kickstart your weight loss.

But I get that information does NOT equal transformation.

It’s why I offer you 3 things in my 14-Day Fit For Life Kickstart:

From working with hundreds of ladies in Wiltshire, there’s 3 things that I know work to help you lose weight, tone up and -dare I say it – feel better about yourself..

(not to mention save yourself years of trying to figure this stuff out for yourself)

1. A simple, personalised plan that you can follow even when things go wrong (because they WILL…you’re human)

2. Support from positive like-minded ladies to help you stay motivated when it gets difficult (because you will have days where you don’t give yourself enough credit for what you’re doing…)

3. Accountability to help you do the things that you already know you need to do (it’s why I have a coach myself..he’s a dietitian…)

Want to learn more?

Click the link below:

14-Day Fit For Life Kickstart

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