Message from Karen (4 weeks in)

So I got this message from Karen who’s just come to the end of the 4-week Kickstart Programme and did some measurements:

“the results I got today were the best I’ve had in 2 years! 

For the last couple of years, I’ve maintained, gone up and down slightly but not really lost significantly. More importantly, I was thinking I would never be able to change my snacking habit and now I know I can!

Have found your suggestions and your book really useful and this programme has been for me a real Kick Start…

a whole 5lbs down from last time!! All measurements down and visceral fat down a point so all great! 

Enjoying my evening meals at last!

Your support with food goals and habits has been the best I’ve had, I’m more than happy to highly recommend you!

Your programme has been fab for me, it’s done what it was advertised to do…give me the Kick Start I needed! 

Thanks again”

Well  done, Karen ☺

Karen had tried things before…2years, in fact. Trying a bunch of different stuff. Like we all have..

Sound familiar? 

​Here’s what Karen did differently: 

​​1- Got clear on her biggest obstacles and together we put together plan, broken down into SMALL daily habits

​​2- Found a type of food  and fitness programme that SUITED HER LIFESTYLE (rather than the other way around)

​​3- Became accountable to ME and a group of ladies on the same mission to help her do the things she already knew she needed to do

and that’s exactly what you get on our 4 week kickstart programme in Marlborough and Burbage 

designed specifically for ladies 40+..

I can’t say it’ll definitely work for you​​ as I don’t know your situation.

I can only say what’s happened to ladies like  Karen..

And the ladies HERE

We have 8 spaces on our next 4-Week Kickstart Programme  in Burbage and Marlborough for ladies 40+ 

If you’d like more info?

Just reply with the subject line ‘4 week’

And I’ll get you the details.


PS. Whenever you’re ready, here’s 3 ways I can help you think differently, get motivated, take control of your eating and exercise habits, and stop relying on ‘willpower’: 

1- Watch my free training on how to get yourself do the things you know you need to do where I go through how to change the way you feel, burn off anxiety, and finally get out of your own way >>> CLICK HERE TO WATCH 

2 – Join Our Signature 4-Week Kickstart Coaching Programme For Ladies 40+ in 

Every month, I open up the opportunity to work with us inside of our ladies only 4-Week Coaching programme, designed for ladies 40+ that want to take back control of their eating habits, fitness and lifestyle habits. 

If you’d like more details on this? Just reply with the subject line ’4 Week’ and I’ll get you the details.

3- Watch How Cassie From Wiltshire Went From Mobility Scooter To Running Her First 5k & Fitting Back In Her Favourite Clothes Without Long, Boring Workouts Or Giving Up Her Favourite Foods >> CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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