Improve how you handle sugar by 40%?

Maybe my dad was right all along about this.

You see, our family home was RENOWNED for being pretty…damn…cold

The heating would only be on under 4 circumstances:

1) We had guests (who were considered worthy of having the heating on)

2) We were worried the pipes were going to freeze

3) We won £10 on the lottery 

4) My dad was out of the house….

But new research has come suggesting that my dad was right all along about leaving the heating off

^^^ Maybe he was on to something?

Because not only will it save a few pennies…

It COULD help improve the way you handle sugar by more than 40%!

You see, this research showed  that mild cold and warm environments COULD increase your metabolism

Which brings me to how your environment could be making you fat…

I’ve spoken before about how just clearing your kitchen appliances away in the cupboard makes you snack 44% less


How those who have a fruit bowl out in the kitchen are – on average – 10 lbs lighter than those who leave Kellogg’s Disney Moana cereal out on the side….

But now…

Researchers are saying that making yourself ‘comfortable’ with air con and ‘optimal’ temperatures could be the new silent killer

Contributing to Type 2 diabetes and your expanding waistline…

Which begs the question:

Is that your metabolism is slowing because of your age….


Because you’re staying in your ‘comfort zone’?

Making the temperature PERFECT in your car…

In your house…

And staying ‘comfortable’

By doing the things you’ve always done that have CAUSED the RESULTS you are seeing right now…

Because there’s no getting away from the FACT that where you are right now is a direct results of the small things you CHOOSE to do every day

And I see it with many of the ladies in our Fat Loss Mastery body transformation programme when they first join…

Thinking that ‘my metabolism has slowed so I can’t lose weight’

Convinced that because ‘I can’t stop eating crap’ that you’re different

Depressed at the thought that the only way to get toned and fit back into your favourite, more fashionable clothes is by spending hours in warm, sweaty gym…

^^^ I get it. You barely have time for a cuppa once you’ve sorted the school uniforms for the kids, thought about what’s for dinner, sorted the house out, and got your jobs done

But I’m here to tell you that this is NOT the case.

And I’ll be showing you why tomorrow evening at Marlborough Golf Club 1830-1930 in our FREE live in-person seminar

With the help of Fat Loss Mastery member, Cassie (and others)

We’ve got 1 space left…

So unless you’re busy procrastinating…

Register here:

PS. On a serious note, this is an amazing opportunity for you to meet like-minded ladies and get support from ladies who GET and LIVE your struggles

And at worst?

You’ll Discover The Seven Biggest Obstacles That Are Stopping YOU From Getting Your Body Back (And How To Overcome Them)

PPS. See you tomorrow​​​

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