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Mental health as important as physical health?

As I always say,

We pretty much all know what to do 

To get the results we want with our body:

☺ Fit clothes better

☺ More toned

☺ Fitter and stronger

☺ Everyday tasks easier

It’s 70%-80% nutrition and 20-30% exercise..

I mean, we could exercise everyday..

Burn 600-800 calories

Get 10,000 steps in

But if we’re comfort eating, adding in the wine, getting the snacks out, rearding ourselves with food

Then we would struggle to achieve any of the above.

[nutrition is pretty important..]

Sometimes though

We can sight of the noticeable benefits of exercise though. 

Everyone feels soooo much better after a workout.

As hard as it feels to do it sometimes.

That sense of achievement.

Flooding the brain with feel good endorphins  

That all reduce pain and boost pleasure. 

The feeling of well being is soo nice given the situation this year.

Mental health is as important as physical health.

And both are improved through exercise 

(much more important than just burning a few calories)

And as we get old

The benefits are more apparent. 

From Type 2 diabetes to osteoporosis (weakening of the bones)

And exercise (specifically the muscle strengthening kind) help to improve bone density and insulin sensitivity (both risk factors of the above)

And I’m so passionate about this

It was a big part of my postgraduate research at Oxford Brookes University

And I really put this to the front of the minds of the ladies inside our kickstart. 

To reinforce the great habits they are doing, whether with us in person or from home.

Like Vanessa said:

“Well I’m sat here in the new Fruci Fit premises. A first for a couple of reasons 1. Exercising in here 2. The first since lock down to come to actual classes. So so good to meet Chloe in person, the lovely ladies who welcomed me with such enthusiasm oh and Of course Matt. Wow one of my achievements for the week that’s for sure.”

We’ve now closed our October Kickstart,

But let me know if you want to jump on our November waiting list for our November Programme from home or in our ladies only private studio in Marlborough and 

Our BRAND NEW Ladies only private studio opening in Devizes Centre in November