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”I’m scared of succeeding”

So yesterday I did a short video on my Facebook page

Covering a conversation I had with one of the ladies inside our Kickstart programme 

Who mentioned that she often struggles after a few weeks.

She does well..

Starts feeling better 

Seeing results 

And then it seems to go a bit wrong.

In her words..

“It’s almost like I’m scared of succeeding”

And I get it. 

And this might sound a bit strange…

But when it comes to habits and change…

You have to remember that you get something from doing something 

Otherwise you wouldn’t do it…

Things like comfort eating, for example…

It might taste good? (albeit it leaving us uncomfortable afterwards)

Temporarily relieve stress? (albeit increasing stress and the number of problems after)

And when you consider that it’s not illegal..

It can be done in secret (so no one knows)

And it doesn’t make you a “bad” person…

It can make it harder to stop…

Even though you think you don’t really want to keep this habit up 

So what can you do?

Well, first things first…

You have to passionately look for positives that you do.

Passionately look for the wins in your day.

Because – whether you know it or not – you might well be in trained in or had more practice in looking for the negatives.

“I can’t see it” <<< is what one of the ladies said yesterday about how she never sees the win unless she’s “lost weight”..

And in this situation, it was very interesting.

Because she’d actually maintained her weight loss over the past 2 weeks

Despite social events (many as they celebrated the same thing in different groups of 6)

Which is a huge win, right?

Imagine losing, keeping it off, and still enjoying the social events?

She saw it as a negative 

Yet I saw it as a positive.

And the more you talk this through 

The more self aware you’ll become.

As next time this is an issue,

It’ll spark back to the conversation we have had 

(Especially as  she asked me to send her the notes I made and now they are on her background on the phone 😂)

So tasks for you:

  1. Write down, no matter how big or small, one win this week
  2. Write down the things you love about the results you’d get from the habit you’re trying to change
  3. Write down the things you dislike about having to do to get the results you like

Consider, you might just not value the things you say in point 2) more than point 3)…

And that’s ok.

It might just be that you’re not willing to do it yet.

So don’t beat yourself 

Write it down, get self aware 

And look for a win today..

Like I am now,

Off to walk to our morning sessions 

Hopefully of not getting wet 😃