Mel’s the lightest she’s been in 2 years…BUT

There is always a BUT…

You see, at the start of every coaching session I ask you how you’re getting on

Not only to genuinely see how you’re getting on

But to gauge your mood, stress and energy levels so I have a better idea of the type of workout  you should be doing today (so you’re not leaving feeling more drained, but rather…full of energy and ready to take on your day)

Anyway, despite Mel being the lightest she’d been for 2 years last week…

She described it as ‘not a bad week’

You see, we never give ourselves credit for our achievements, right?

Celebrate our successes?

And wonder why we don’t have the CONFIDENCE and COURAGE to continue?

Mel went on to say:

‘I feel more in control so I don’t need to plan ahead so much’

So you could say it becomes almost ‘natural’ to make better-informed, more intelligent decisions about her food choices for herself and family

^^^ Unless she uses the slow cooker…they weren’t a fan of that one (can’t win them all)

You see, Mel now has her ‘go-to’ meals for when all else fails

^^^ Be it an omelette, a bacon sarnie, spag bowl etc. :-)))

You know, when ‘real life’ gets in the way of that illusive perfect, healthy diet

And it brings me to the biggest lesson I’ve learnt as a body transformation coach:

The more simple I make things for you

the better body transformation YOU get

Because you become empowered to make choices and learn what works for YOU

Be it skipping breakfast

Having a fry up for breakfast​​​

Eating carbs after 6pm

Or even – dare I say it – eating bread….

Rather than telling you what you can and can’t do (like a school teacher…)

Which just makes things more complex

Gives you an excuse to give up​​​

Makes you feel guilty when you can’t stick to it

And leads to that vicious yoyo dieting cycle

Where you pile the weight back on

And have your other half and friends saying:

“I told you so”

And this is exactly why I put YOU in control in my 12-Week Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Challenge

Of course, I’ve got the tactics to help guide you along the way so you don’t have to rely on ‘willpower’

Or blame the stress of family and work life on late night binges​​​

But the result?

Well, not only might you be the lightest you’ve been in 2 years

but you’ll also be in control of this weight loss game once and for all

So you can ditch the baggy clothes for good 

And be the one saying ‘I told you so’​​​​​​ to the doubters

Ready to go?

Apply for my 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge here:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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