3 things you probably didn’t know about me

OK, you may know some of them

Because I can talk

^^^ a bit too much, according to the wife

But, I just wanted to share this with you to show you that it does NOT have to be perfect

You know, all this getting back into your favourite clothes, toning up and feeling more confident about yourself STUFF

So here it goes:

1) I used to snack on my Rocky Road Chocolate bars in the freezer at ASDA when I used to work there

2) I have a wheat allergy…which meant years of irritable bowels and quite funny stories (which explains number 3)

3) I once found myself in the women’s toilet in Nando’s (I can explain)

​​​I was tucking in to my hot, spicy chicken

^^^ This was all before I knew I had an allergy. I just thought my dodgy bowels were NORMAL…​​​

​​​On a date with my – now – wife. 

​​​It was actually one of our first proper dates (yep, we dined in Nando’s and still do). All of a sudden. I get an urge. My stomach felt loose. It was uncomfortable. So I look around…

And can’t seem to see the toilets anywhere

I ask the guy flippin chickens on the grill

who after the 3rd time of asking points to what could only feel like heaven

I rush over

Failing to spot that I’ve walked straight into the female toilets

Straight into a cubicle

I felt saved

I could go back out and resume the date. Act smooth and cool.

But…no… I heard girls talking

I thought: Why are there girls in the male toilets

Maybe a cleaner?

Or maybe it was a child with their parent?

but why would they be in the male changing room? I said to myself (in my head obviously) 

Then it sunk (not my poo)

I realised that I must have been in the female toilets

So, I waited.

hoping they would go to the loo and get back to their meals quickly 

Like most would do when in a restaurant (unless you’re hiding in a cubicle, of course)​​​

​I couldn’t help but think what my – now – wife would be thinking

I was so stressed I wasn’t even hungry anymore

^^^ and that’s saying something​​​​​​

they finally left.

I slowly come out of the cubicle

^^^ Which probably made me look more weird

I then go straight out of the toilet door

Fast pace walk straight to the mens 

And slowly, wonder back to my table

As if nothing had happened.

​​​It took me a while to break the news to Mrs Fruci

Because I was well an truly embarrassed

​​​​And it’s – a bit – similar in this weight loss game

We’re scared of what others will think

When in actual fact

Mrs Fruci just laughed about it when I told her (as it was weird that I was away for so long…)

Saw the funny side​

and the relief!!!​​​

I was stressing up inside

Which brings me to the fact things are never as bad as what we think…

If you believe every thought in your head

You will never do the things you say you want to do

Through fear

Past failures

Fear of failing again

Other people laughing at you

and you’ll stay in the same place you are now

Because avoiding the pain of change…

Is pain

So if you’re ready to change the way you look and feel, get amazing sleep (as body transformation member, Lyn, recently found), and feel more confident in your favourite clothes once and for all

Then you might be a good fit for my 12-week Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Challenge

apply here


Matt ‘still red in the face’ Fruci 

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