Mr Weetabix and his “healthy muscles and bones”

Or should I say "not so secret"?

After all, it's on the back of the packaging.

But the thing is, we're often in a rush when shopping.

We look at brands, "headlines", and health claims and "go with it".

Are our good intentions being stolen?

Perhaps, yes.

I was asked about "protein Weetabix" this week.

*** "i've switched to protein Weetabix to increase my protein intake to keep me full up and help me recover" ***

^^^ Technically, this is correct.

There is more protein in "protein weetabix"

But how much more?

Well, 3 WHOLE grams more...

Which is equivalent to eating about a teaspoon of chicken (if that)...

I guess every little helps...

But the quality of the protein is also poor.

It's just added protein from wheat or flour (cheap and inexpensive).

^^^ Which doesn't provide as much of the ESSENTIAL building blocks that your body needs to get from a diet than say, animal protein or fish does.

This means that you may have to actually eat more wheat to achieve the same effect as you would from simply eating animal protein (lean meats, dairy, eggs etc.) or fish.

What I'm leading up to is this:

Don't believe everything you read on the front of the packaging.

Protein is the "buzzword" right now.

Protein Snickers...

Protein Mars bars..

You name it.

But this doesn't make it "healthy" and it doesn't mean it will help you lose weight and get lean.

And this is why understanding what's in the food / meals we're eating and how much food your body needs to drop a few dress sizes is key to sustainable weight loss!

Enjoy the fine "protein" weather we have in store this weekend!


PS. It's meant to rain next week, so make the most of it!

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