Marriage and multivitamins have more in common than you think

Sometimes my inability to admit that I'm wrong gets me into trouble.

Mainly with the wife (I haven't been allowed to pick the film for date night since I chose San Andreas...please don't bother watching it).

You see, when you hold a belief so strongly you find it difficult go back on it.

As humans, it's bloody hard to admit you're wrong (especially to your loved ones)

But when it comes to science, you HAVE to be willing to change your views.


Because science evolves and we keep learning more about food and the how it impacts the human body.

So it's up to us to interpret the science and make better informed, intelligent decisions.

4 years ago, I would suggest that all my clients take (at least) vitamin C before or after exercise or during stressful times to boost their immune system and prevent them from getting ill.

Fast forward 4 years and the research is not so clear.

Could it be that taking an antioxidant like vitamin C during periods of stress, such as exercise, actually blunts our ability to adapt to these stressors and handle them in the future?

Should we now be taking "pro-oxidants"? (probably not but crazy, right?)

A few questions to ask yourself before taking vitamin supplements:

* Are you eating a balanced diet that doesn't cut out food groups (reducing the chances of a deficiency)?

^^^ did you know that red peppers, broccoli and cauliflower actually have more vitamin C in than oranges?

* Are you feeling run down, lacking sleeping, or overwhelmed with life stressors?

* Do you frequently get ill? Around kids a lot?

You see, my recommendations have changed.

I now only recommend vitamin supplements (or any supplements for that matter) depending on your current diet, lifestyle, preferences, exercise programme, and immune system (how often you get ill).

Sure, a vitamin tablet is a cheap "insurance" strategy to cover you.

But more vitamins is not necessarily better.

Do we need more antioxidants or do we need to focus on our gut health?

Would it be better to load up on foods that feed our good bacteria in our gut and boost our immune system?

Are we intolerant to certain foods that are suppressing our immune system?

After all, over 70% of our immune system is in our gut!

On top of this, do we get enough of the sunshine vitamin (vitamin D)?

^^^ did you know vitamin D is actually more like a hormone than a vitamin?

We simply don't get enough of it (despite the current heatwave we're expecting for the next week) and is important for our immune system.

Because even if it is sunny, we're often working or too busy doing 'stuff' to enjoy it (unless we get one of those sunny bank holiday...).

In fact, even Australians are deficient in the "sunshine" vitamin <<< which is saying something!

And I'll get on to omega 3 soon...

But my point is that nutrition isn't black and white.

It simply depends on you.

So just like you recognise something that's a "waste of time and money" (watching films like San Andreas...)

I recommend that you start to recognise how types and amounts of foods, hours of sleep and quality of sleep, and type of exercise impact how you feel.

This way, you can start to piece together a nutrition and lifestyle programme that gives you more energy, stops you feeling tired, and gives you more time to do more of the things you want to do.

Speak tomorrow,


PS. I've got a 2 minute cake recipe for you tomorrow which I usually only share with clients. It's perfect for beating those sweet tooth cravings and very kind to the waistline, too!

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