A smart, educational look at what curry *really* does to us

I literally just wanted to relax, watch a bit of TV and chill out.

But it was meant to be my training day and I had already missed a day last week.

^^^ It happens to us all and is something I have to remind clients about when they send me something along the lines of:

"Really sorry, Matt....

"I skipped my workout yesterday"

"Went a bit over the top with the wine yesterday"

^^^ It's really not the end of the world.

You don't get paid to workout.

Your life doesn't depend on it.

Sure, I will have to get a bit more strict with you if it is happening too often.

But for the majority of the time, they are within what I call their "20-40%" ROLLOVER allowance (not the National Lottery).

Often, they're just thinking back to the old diets they used to be on where one "bad" food meant they failed.

The rollover allowance essentially allows you to eat a bit more on days / holidays where more food will be around.

^^^ holidays, birthdays, catch ups with friends, Friday nights...or in my (very lucky) case, a surprise curry.

So, I was at the gym having actually been inspired by one of my clients (talking about they wanted to look their best for their wedding AKA their 'Whys').

But I was still just feeling demotivated, tired, and like I wanted to be at home relaxing (one of those days)


I got a phone call from my wife asking where I was (I thought I was in trouble at this point)...

But it turns out, she'd ordered a curry for 30 minutes time.

All of a sudden, my performance increases and I achieve a personal best for my training that day!

A miracle "superfood" or just a placebo effect?

And it reminded me of those raspberry ketone and other "diet pills"

We take them, make "better" food choices, lose some weight, and say that the "diet pills" worked.

The diet pills run out, we quit the diet, and pile the weight back on...

Moral of the story:

* "Diet pills* don't work unless you have some nutritional strategy and exercise plan to go along with it

* Having a curry or overeating from time to time is not the end of the world!​

* A nutritional strategy and exercise programme that provides flexibility and allows you to enjoy your wine, curry, and chocolate works WITHOUT "diet pills"

Speak soon,


PS. We got the curry from The Palm near Marlborough. Really nice if you haven't been there. Let me know if you have any other recommendations?

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