Is your head in the sand? Lessons from England and Leicester…

Ever had your head in the sand?

in the words of Nigel Pearson almost 12 months ago when defending his relegation threatened Leicester...

"I think you are an ostrich. Your head must be in the sand. Is your head in the sand? Are you flexible enough to get your head in the sand? My suspicion would be no"

^^^ I'll never forget this moment.

The things we, as humans, say and do when we're having a "wobble", ay?

When everything's going wrong...

  • Work taking up too much time
  • Which means we're not spending as much time with friends and family
  • Not taking enough time out to prioritise our health
  • Have to keep reminding ourselves that we actually did FUN stuff in the past...and we're not just work, work, work...
  • And we feel tired and frustrated...and are actually LESS productive with our work as a result

^^^ Vicious cycleand this was me when finishing my postgraduate nutrition research in Oxford whilst working with a ton of guys who wanted to ditch their belly fat...getting married, and prepping for a Natural Physique show where I came 2nd in Great Britain

^^^ yep, I was advising my clients to take up healthy habits that would help them ditch their love handles and have more energy...whilst sleeping 4 hours a night and not really having a life at all.


I knew I wanted to share my message.

Share my knowledge, experience, and techniques that have TRANSFORMED my life...

In order to help tons of other guys transform theirs.

I learnt to eat the foods I enjoy, spend LESS time in the gym and MORE time with friends and family...whilst staying (pretty) lean all year round!

What I'm leading up to is this:

A LOT can change. Even if you have your head in the sand. Even if you're in the struggle right now.

Fast forward 6 months from the Rugby World Cup where Sir Clive Woodward called England amateurs...and now they're Grand Slam WINNERS

Fast forward 12 months...

Leicester City are closing in on the Premier League title...

^^^ not many would've thought that, right? (apart from the guy who just cashed out his bet for 21k)

But that's only a part of it...

Admitting where you are right now and what you want is your first and most important step. Define it using the 90 day principles I've talked about before.

And embark on a journey that actually GETS RESULTS...

Here's how it works:

Speak soon,


PS. if you haven't seen the ostrich video, watch it here:


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