Dropping a dress size, the iguana diet, and being “hangry”

"You should apply, Matt"

^^^ Now, a client said this to me the other day referring to the recent Bear Grylls Island show.

If you didn't watch it, they're on a island and become so hungry that they do crazy stuff.

And eat crazy stuff...

Like the face of a iguana!

^^^ I bet you're thinking those "diet shakes" aren't so bad anymore, ay?

"You'd be good on it, Matt"...she said!

^^^ As much as I love the outdoor lifestyle, depriving myself of food is not something I'm good at...anymore!

You probably know I've had some "good" experience of eating like a pigeon and giving up my favourite foods to get lean.

And I'd probably make great TV, too...

I'd be "hangry" (when you're so hungry you get angry)

I'd be lethargic (I walk / get ready even slower than I normally do when I'm hungry...which the Mrs is definitely not fond of. She calls my walking "the holiday mode walk").

And I'd be craving everything and anything (mindless / emotional eating sets in where you don't know when you're full up and you have an urgency to eat).

Which is exactly why ensuring that you get the right amounts of nutrients into your diet and being aware of the difference between actually hunger and emotional hunger is so important.

It helps you overcome those sudden cravings.

You know when you have that urgency to eat?

When you grab the pack of biscuits, eat the whole pack, and ask yourself "why did I Just do that?"

^^^ and then you feel guilty, right?

And it's why just being aware of the differences between actual hunger and emotional hunger / our strategy to deal with stress is so powerful.

Not to mention having a bespoke nutrition strategy that helps us fit into our favourite clothes without feeling deprived and settling for the face of an iguana for supper...

Speak soon,


PS. I'm actually planning a Bear Grylls survival session for the children's weight management programme I run.

PPS. Don't worry, we only get as adventurous as hunting beetroot and pickled onions...

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