And we fear THIS more than death?

So today I presented at a Diabetes Prevention Meeting on the role of exercise and lifestyle habits on the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

I spoke to GPs, nurses, and public health commissioners.

^^^ and if you'd have told me this 2/3 years ago I'd have been out of that door quicker than my Nonna can offer me a plate of pasta...


Because public speaking would once scare the living day life out of me.

I remember back to my masters when I was at Loughborough Uni.

I was presenting to lecturers, PhD students, and other researchers about my research.

My mouth went bone dry.

I lost the ability to swallow.

All I could focus on was my own voice...

^^^ "Do I really sound like this?", I'd think to myself...completely losing my train of thought in the process.

I was red in the face and sweating more than I'll do in my training session tonight that's for sure!

And it seems I'm not alone, as public speaking frequently comes out as the NUMBER ONE biggest fear.

Which means it's feared more than death...

Seems crazy, right?

Some believe it's due to the fear of rejection / being negatively evaluated.

And it got me thinking about A LOT of gyms out there.

They are themselves barriers to exercise.

We're told to exercise.

But then judged on how we look and what we do when we go into a place that "promotes" exercise.

^^^ Despite this being a POSITIVE step towards getter fitter, stronger, leaner and healthier.

You can then fear being "negatively evaluated" <<< it's a bit like me and my public speaking fear.

And this is exactly why I only work with clients in small, quiet, and non-intimidating environments. Be at Blunsdon House Hotel, in Marlborough, at their home, or out in the good old fresh air!

Because just like my fear of public speaking would once stop me from sharing my knowledge, impacting peoples health and lives, and having the most rewarding "job" I could ever ask for...

It pains me to think that the fear of being judged is stopping you from making an important step towards better health, having more energy and having more confidence (especially when you can fit into new, more fashionable clothes)...

Which is why having a bespoke nutrition programme that shows you exactly how to sustainably lose weight and a training programme that gives you the skills to confidently exercise safely and effectively to transform your body will give you the life skills to get lean and stay lean...for life.

^^^ And not just for a 1-week holiday...

Speak tomorrow,


PS. Speaking of holidays, I think I might give The Island with Bear Grylls a miss....

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