This makes you 3 times more likely to eat it…

We like to think that we’re in control of what, when and why we eat…


You and me both know that this really isn’t the case

And the proof is in the popcorn…

With a study showing that those who were given an XL bucket of STALE popcorn (it had been sitting there for 5 days)

Ate 44% more than those who were given a regular FRESH batch of popcorn.

Why did they eat more?

Well, because it was …there.

Think about how many more ‘purple ones’ from the roses tin you pick out when it’s sitting on the table right in front of you (as you watch the Eastenders Christmas special…)…

You see, you eat with your eyes (not literally)

I mean, taste does come in to this

But…eating more popcorn even thought it was STALE?

And just being mindful about this stuff could make a huge difference to your waistline over this Christmas period

^^^ Which for some, started after halloween 😉

I mean, you HAVE to enjoy yourself!

Eat whatever you like

^^^ and I mean that (I will be eating whatever I want on Christmas Day…as I did at my Grandads just the other day for our first ‘Christmas Day’…)


I won’t be doing this EVERY DAY

You’ve got 3 options:

1) Go crazy, eat anything and everything and accept there probably will be some weight gain (which is fine by the way…but only if you’re fine with this)

2) Enjoy yourself, eat the foods you want, but just be mindful about how much you eat over the week and your exercise habits. Perhaps even eat a little less the day before your BIG meal (and heavy drinking session…mine’s a whisky and nice glass of vino!)

3) Be boring and drink Kale smoothies … LOL (please don’t do this…)

But Matt, how do I be more mindful?

Well, just know that larger plate will make you eat MORE (about 200 calories more per meal)

Just like how your kitchen ​​​​​​is arranged will make you overeat…

One simple tip for you?

Well, you’re 3 times more likely to eat the 1st thing you see when you open the cupboard compared to the 5th​​​​​​ thing you see…

​​​So, put the ROSES away

And when you want some…

Pick the ‘purple ones’ (as they’re the best) and put them in a bowl

Then walk away ;-)))

^^^ Rather than eat them out of the tin…as this can lead to you eating 60% more!

And once this empowering habit becomes mindless for you…

Your waist​​​line will shrink, you’ll be fitting into your favourite clothes and more in control of what and when you eat than ever before 

^^^ Meaning that you actually keep the weight off…​​rather than piling it back on again

Which is exactly what I teach you in Female Fat Loss Mastery ​​​

Matt ‘Statto’ Fruci

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