1/3 of us are eating it

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard:

“But it’s gluten free so it’s OK”

And the manufacturers have got you right where they want you…

Making the ‘free from’ section bigger and bigger every time you set your ‘gluten free’ foot into a supermarket

And it’s no wonder…

With a recent report stating that 1/3 of us now use ‘free from’ products.

Emphasising the ‘health halo’ that ‘free from’ provides use with.


Going on a ‘gluten-free’ diet COULD just be one of the best ways to fast track your holiday season weight gain


Well, just go down the gluten free isle in Tesco (or any supermarket)…

Gluten free mince pies

Gluten free ginger nut biscuits

Gluten free choc-nut pillows

Gluten Free ‘GO FREE’ coco rice

You get the point…

“But it’s gluten free so it’s OK”

You see, we eat with our eyes not our bellies

^^^ Come home and see a packet of sweets out on the side…would you take one?

So as the health-conscious food consumer that you are

You’re looking at ways to eat more ‘healthily’ 

And you may have read that gluten COULD cause tiredness, nausea, autoimmune diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and weight gain…in SOME people.

Which surely means that ‘gluten free’ is more ‘healthy’, right?

Well, what does gluten free actually mean?

According to the FDA: the term gluten-free means that a food must limit gluten to less than 20 parts per million

Which does NOT mean:

* Low in sugar

* Low in fat

* Natural

* Organic

* Raw


And all this…

Means that rice, potatoes, beef, chicken, salmon, eggs, yoghurt, milk, cheese, sprouts etc. 

COULD be labelled as ‘gluten free’ too!

But what I’m leading up to is this:

Just because something is gluten-free it does NOT mean it will help you lose weight.

Or that it is healthier

In fact, some gluten free products are actually higher in calories and lower in fibre and iron (leaving you potentially hungrier and more tired)

Should you cut gluten out?

Well, some would say ‘only if you have an allergy’

And would suggest that you should just keeping eating it if you don’t have an allergy

^^^ even if you feel better not eating it


Would say that you may have an ‘intolerance’ to gluten


Could this be because your diet is high in types of fibres that ferment in your gut and cause you to bloat and feel uncomfortable and tired?

^^^ Of which gluten gets the blame for?

And only through trial and error will you REALLY know

Have more energy

Understand exactly what types and amounts of foods you need to eat to lose or maintain your weight


Even get accused of building a ‘6-pack’ by your daughter…

As happened to Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Lotte, last week.

All by using the proven, yet SIMPLE tools I teach you in Female Fat Loss Mastery

Matt ‘glutened out’ Fruci

PS. Have you ever had gluten free foods? What did you try and what was the reason for this?​​​
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