Christmas Cooking Hack

If you’re cooking for vegans or vegetarians…

ever heard of ‘nutritional yeast’?

Me neither until about 3 months ago…

It’s an inactive form of yeast that provides a ton of B vitamins (which give you energy)

And a surprisingly delicious nutty, cheesey taste…

Making it perfect to add to veggies, meats, casseroles, and even on your cereal (for a Granola kind of feel)

Here’s 5 ways you could use it:

1) Sprinkle it on warm, buttery popcorn to give it a nutty, cheesey taste!

2) Top your greens with it to make them edible 😉 …could be an option for the kids?

3) Top your cauliflower cheese with it tomorrow for the vegan so they don’t miss out 

4) Throw it in an omelette for a filling, and now cheesey snack (of course, this one wouldnt be suitable for a vegan)

5) Sprinkle it on your Roasties (or mash it into a baked potato…)

It’s available at most ‘health’ food shops like Holland & Barrett. 

Have you ever tried it?

Have a lovely Christmas Eve

Matt ‘best start cooking’ Fruci

PS. I’ve been given all of the responsibility for tomorrow. 

And it’s making me nervous…


I will be doing the Brussel sprouts 😉

PPS. I’ll also be making a dessert inspired by Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Billy…which I’ll share with you soon!

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