Low carb diets shorten life?

Why is water wet? What are shadows made of? When will you die?

^^^ these are just some of the questions that CURIOUS kids are asking their parents RIGHT NOW…

In fact, a kid will ask about 390 questions a day, averaging a question every 1 minute & 56 seconds of their working day lol

But you know what it got me thinking?

Well, what if we got kids to question SOME of the demonising of foods?

And on that note, did you see the headlines about ‘low carb diets could shortern your life’ yesterday?

I think in general, it was a pretty good article.

It actually said that being pretty moderate with carbs or fats is a good thing.

Here’s what they are basically saying:

Those who ate ‘lower carbs’ MAY end up eating less fibre / veggies and HIGHER fat…

Which could mean…you eat more calories and gain some BODY fat, which probably isn’t healthy, right?

But you probably knew that already.

That fruit, plants, and veggies are good for you..

But what about potatoes and them being full of ‘sugar’ (according to the BBC documentary on carbs)? 

Well, potatoes are a REAL FOOD, just like sweet potatoes. With vitamins and minerals. Did you know that white potatoes were actually one of the most filling foods in a study looking at foods that help tell you that you are full up?

And if you feel more full up? you may be more satisfied and less likely to overeat later.

Now on the flip side, put half a pack of butter on your potato…

Eat loads of fast food with processed meats and chips (like McDonalds)​

(Be careful interpreting studies that say ‘meat is bad’ as eating a lean meat / fish with salad and potatoes is a bit different to say, a Big Mac, fries and a coke….)

​​​​And maybe your chance of overeating calories and gaining weight could go up…​

But you knew that already, right?

My point?

There is no need to demonise different nutrients, be it carbs of fats. 

Just focus on overall food intake FIRST…

Prefer eating higher carbs to do this? Go for it.

Prefer eating lower carbs to do this? Go for that.

But one thing is for sure:

Exercise, eating a bit more protein to help keep you full up and hit a calorie deficit, losing BODY FAT (this doesn’t always mean ‘weight’), gaining some muscle, and not letting the number on the scales completely derail your good habits have been PROVEN to be the best things for your body shape, health, fitness and mindset…

So keep it simple…

As you are more likely to DO IT that way…​​

And speaking of DOING, our Online Female Fat Loss Coaching Group launching tomorrow 🙂

I’m initially taking on only 20 ladies for this so if you haven’t done so yet but want to find out more, just hit reply. 

Speak soon,

Matt ‘rice, rice baby” Fruci

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