Update from Charlotte

Fit For Life Body Transformation member (or should I say ‘graduate’?), Charlotte, keeping me updated with her body transformation journey:

“Weight is continuing to fall. Thanks so much for your inspiration. Looking forward to meeting up and working with you more in October”

^^^ The best thing about this?

Charlotte has been on holiday

Had family gatherings…


Her weight is ‘continuing to fall’.



1) Charlotte did the groundwork – She went through a stage of assessing, tracking and seeing how her body responded to different types and amounts of foods (and was VERY consistent with this)

2) Charlotte has learnt which types of exercise she enjoys and which type fit into her daily routine (even without a gym) so that she can keep on track with her body transformation goals and STILL enjoy food and drink!

3) Charlotte has learnt how to enjoy social situations and holidays and compensate accordingly with her food, drink, and exercise habits to ensure she is consistent OVER TIME (which is what matters, right?) rather than just for a ‘6 week diet to get you into your Christmas party dress’ fad…

In another words, a fry up, a roast dinner, and a few Proseccos today doesn’t meant diet over…it’s what you do on average that counts!

^^^ Which is pretty liberating to know, right?

And this all why I love what I do.

They say to be successful, the first thing you have to do is to fall in love with your ‘work’

Which is exactly how I aim to make eating and exercising for you.

Through empowering you to discover:

*The types of exercise that fit your lifestyle and make the biggest difference to your body shape and how you fit your clothes

* The types and amounts of foods that give you more energy and stop you feeling bloated so you can be more productive with your day

* Exactly how you can enjoy your favourite foods (including the vino) and still get a more lean and toned body that makes you feel more confident about yourself.

To start your body transformation journey, you can apply for a free trial (I’ve got 3 spaces on my body transformation programme for October)

I want to stress that it’s not for everyone.

It does require that you do the work.

You have to assess and give me feedback (because if you’re not assessing, you’re guessing and I’m no Mystic Meg…)


If you’re ready to ditch the dieting once and for all and build a nutritional strategy that empowers you to take control of your eating and exercise habits and build the habits and knowledge base that will last a lifetime (so you don’t pile the weight back on again)…

Then apply here to start w/c Monday 3rd October:


Speak soon,


PS. If you’re ready to take action now and start your body transformation, apply today and if you’re a good fit, I’ll also throw in the backlog of the nutritional ‘Inner Circle’ seminars I have delivered and recorded, which include:

* How to eat more and still lose weight

* How to achieve more in the final 3 months of this year than you have in the whole year so far

* How many times to eat per day to curb your hunger, develop a better relationship with food, and lose weight!

Apply here to start w/c Monday 3rd October: 


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