“Lost half my body weight”

“Lost half my body weight”

This worried me..

Got this message last week

Thankfully, it is not half the body weight 

But 2.5 stone 

And more TONED 

All from adding in the resistance exercise whilst achieving a calorie deficit. 

There are  no secrets.

Ok, maybe there is one..

Doing the things you probably know you need to do 

^^ read that again

Without beating yourself up for jumping off the bandwagon

Dwelling on so called ‘bad’ days and choosing turning them into ‘bad weeks’

Reacting to the scales slightly going up one day and thinking ‘F it’, giving yourself permission to then go off the rails 

(only to then feel guilty)

Self sabotaging when you start feeling and seeing your body change.

I could go on.

And when you look at the research on this?

The secret really is

Accountability, support and step by step plan.

Sometimes it is just the little nudges

To get you to workout even if you don’t feel like it

To reflect rather than react

And all of a sudden?

You get head turning results. 

Want to join our next 28 Day Kickstart?

Reply with ‘kickstart’ and I will get you the details.

Specifically for women 40+ and 50+ 

Who pretty much know what to do already 

(but keep self sabotaging) 

Which you can do with us in our private studios in Marlborough, Devizes and Chippenham .

And / or all from home to make it as convenient as you like 


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