Spot the difference

It’s sometimes the small changes, which you’d barely notice today that add up to big, transformational results.

Take this: can you spot the difference?

I’ll start with 1:

1) The natural, Greek style yoghurt (picture 1) is only 3.1g of protein and 123 calories per 100g whereas the Skyr style yoghurt from Aldi (picture 2) is 13g protein and 70 calories per 100g




Basically a 400% increase in your protein intake

From essentially the same meal..

Why is protein important?

  1. Skin, hair and nails (number of times people have said how they no longer have split nails since increasing their protein)
  1. Keeps you fuller for longer therefore helping to reduce calories and boost fat loss
  1. Helps your muscles recover
  1. Burn more calories to digest (think meat sweats haha)

Matt ‘small habits’ Fruci 

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