‘I can see veins and $#1T’ – Is this just a ‘man’ thing?

‘You look great. I didn’t even recognise you.’

^^^ Careful…

‘Ohhh you look nice……today’

^^^ One I used the other day on the wife (without thinking about what this really means I’m saying about how she might look on other days. Not that she noticed. Luckily)

Damned if we do, damned if we don’t, some would say.

But I’d actually disagree. 

Because I know they get that we mean well.

Very well, in fact

We just don’t have our way with our words sometimes 

^^^ unlike Mr Grey by the sounds of the excitement around the release of 50 Shades Darker in February (to be fair to him, he even made biting a slice of toast pretty sexy in the first movie. Unfortunately for me, if I have a slice of toast I get a rumbling stomach and a sudden urge to use the bathroom…)

It’s only Monday and I’m already talking about…poo!

So, back to the point.

Well, a member on my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme summed up how us guys have a funny way of complementing our better halfs…

‘You’ve definitely lost weight. I can see veins and $#1T’

^^^ Her husband told a member on my Fit For Life Body Transformation programme last week. 

Thankfully, she took it as a complement 

And from a fellow guy’s point of view, it’s definitely a compliment 😉

Particularly as in the same week, she was told by a friend that she’d only seen a week ago that she ‘looked like she’d lost MORE weight’

Which is great, right?

But here’s the thing. 

We have a funny way of saying things. 

Because how you look doesn’t ALWAYS relate to your weight on the scales.

I mean,YES, she’s lost weight. 

Quite a lot, actually (and is keeping it off and getting fitter every week…as demonstrated by the fact I’m having to work harder and harder every week when holding the boxing gloves).

But, you know what really makes her ‘weight loss’ journey even more powerful and rewarding?

Taking confidence from embracing change (probably the hardest part) and feeling more confident about the way she looks and feels 

^^^ Yet, still guilty of sometimes not looking at just how far she has already come…

And not to mention getting compliments from friends and family (veins and $#1T’)

^^^ Which is always, nice. We’re humans, after all. And we like to impress others.

Plus, learning and anticipating how certain foods trigger her hunger and make her feel bloated and low on energy

^^^ Which puts her back in CONTROL of how she feels (which often determines what you up doing, right? 

And all this because she’s doing the work.

Now, it’s not been all sunshine and rainbows.

It’s been a bumpy road (and they’ll be plenty of bumps to overcome in the future. Not baby ones, don’t worry. Unless you want that, of course.)

But this is what a nutritional strategy that empowers you to learn about the exact types and amounts of foods to get you losing fat, feeling more toned, and into your favourite, more fashionable clothes is all about. 

Not always striving for ‘perfection’ and beating yourself up about falling a bit short..

But not ‘breaking the chain’ and falling completely off of the bandwagon after a ‘$#1T’ day


1) You only get results for DONE

2) The best diet in the world is the one you can DO

^^^ And once you get this

You’ll soon find yourself fitting into your favourite clothes, feeling more confident, and dare I say it…


Just like those who graduate from my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme

Which you can apply for here: https://frucifit.com/free7daytrial/

Matt ‘seeing veins and $#1T’ Fruci

PS. I’ve got a super filling (chef approved. No lie) brownie recipe for you tomorrow (unless you’re already on my Fit For Life Body Transformation programme…because in this case you’ll actually be eating the brownie as I’ll be bringing it to your coaching session. Unless I eat it on the way, of course)

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