How long will it take to lose a stone?

A question I got last week.

The answer?

Well, it depends if your name is Rosie, Nat, or Charlotte…

Because how long it takes depends on:

* How ‘aggressive’ you want to go with your diet

* How bothered you are about maintaining the stone of weight you lose

* Whether you just want to lose a stone of weight or a stone of FAT (to help you get that more toned look)

* How much you have yoyo’d with your weight AKA your dieting history

* Whether you’re willing to dehydrate yourself, not eat, and sit in a sauna all day (not recommended, but will help you shift a stone of ‘weight’ in no time…)

And not forgetting…

What you really want to achieve (how you want to look)?

And perhaps most importantly – WHY (how will this make you feel and impact your relationships, work, confidence)?

For example, Rosie’s goal was to lose ½ a stone by October (she began in mid August) for a wedding and then another ½ a stone by the New Year

^^^ Yep, you don’t have to wait until 1st January (something I went into more detail in the Inner Circle seminar last week where we discussed how to achieve more in the final 3 months of this year than you have in the whole year!)

Rosie has now lost 7lbs in a sustainable manner that fits her lifestyle (about a pound a week)

She has more energy and no cravings, either.

Could she have lost more by doing other stuff?


But, she’s set OUTCOMES (not just goals), she’s on track to reach them and is FEELING better (which we so often overlook)

She knows exactly what she needs to do (there may be some adjusting of actions and ‘goals’ along the way).

Compare this to another Fit For Life Body Transformation member (Sharon), who lost 2.5 lbs in just a week with small, sustainable steps.


Compare this to another Fit For Life Body Transformation member who’s weight recently INCREASED.


Her waist measurements DECREASED.


Her husband noticed the development of ‘muscles in her back’ 


‘Toned bra dougnnuts’, as she calls them!

My point?

It’s not all about weight.

There may be times when you lose weight and feel good.


There may also be times where you might have lost weight but you feel tired and grumpy.

Other times you won’t lose weight…

But you’ll feel full of energy, less bloated, you’re skins glowing and you notice your clothes are fitting better.

And it’s exactly why your progression chart on my Fit For Life Body Transformation helps you track more than just weight.

In fact, more than just your waist, too.

Because how you feel.

How your clothes fit.

Your work / life balance.

Your sleep.

Whether you’re out of breath from walking up stairs…

How bloated you feel…

Are all markers of your health and progression.

And it’s why I stress that you focus on the PROCESS first, enjoying the journey, and THEN…

Having a little look in the mirror along the way (because it’ll be one bumpy road, for sure. But I can guarantee, it’ll be worth it!)

Speak soon,

Matt ‘how long’s a piece of string’ Fruci


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