McMuffins, Kale Salads, and 2025!

It would make my kid 8 years old…

I’d be 34 years old (still a baby, I know)

And I’ll be thanking my wife for putting up with me for another 9 years (it’s our 2nd wedding anniversary today)

^^^ Providing she doesn’t wake up and smell the coffee (which she’s currently finding really annoying as she’s pregnant and can’t stand the smell of coffee…I brew it outside like all good husbands would do).

The year would be 2025…

And it’ll be the year that McDonald’s will be serving completely ‘cage-free’ eggs in the US and Canada.

^^^ They do currently serve ‘free range’ eggs in the UK.

Now, this can only be a good thing (and about time)

I mean, have you seen some of the conditions that chickens are kept in?

^^^ not nice

Barely even room to spread their wings.


Are we supposed to celebrate and go and buy a McDonald’s to show our appreciation?

Maybe let them provide the school lunches?

^^^ Can you imagine that (don’t tell Jamie Oliver I said that)?

Or even let them sponsor the biggest sports events in the world like the Olympics?

^^^ Imagine that? Oh, wait…

And with no definition of ‘cage-free’, is this merely a marketing tactic?

^^^ Apparently, the chickens still won’t see daylight.

And is all this just making you even more confused about what’s ‘healthy’ and what’s good for the environment?

I mean, I would argue that an egg McMuffin is probably the best thing you can get on their menu

^^^ it’s pretty difficult to add a ton of calories to eggs and a muffin…unlike their kale salads which has over double the calories of the egg McMuffin!

But companies that have used claims like ‘100% cage free eggs’ (such as Trader Joe’s in the US) have seen an increase in sales.

Whether this is for ethical reasons or the idea that ‘cage free’ means ‘more healthy’ remains to be seen.

But this all reminds me of the ‘is organic food better for you?’ debate (which I talked about recently. Link at the bottom of the email).

And with one of the main reasons for not eating ‘healthily’ or going on a weight loss diet being ‘it’s expensive to eat healthy’…

Do you eat organic food?

If so, is this for health reasons or ethical reasons?

Reply with ‘Yes’ followed by your reason for doing so (ethical / health / weight loss)

Or No (if you don’t)

Or both (if you’re a ‘hybrid’, like one of those humans that also eats fat for energy…)

Speak soon,


PS. Burger King has announced they’ll be switching to ‘cage free’ eggs by 2017 (I think we should make them the official sponsor of the next Olympics…)

PPS. Here’s the link to the article on whether organic food is ‘better’ for you:

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