I remember the moment so vividly.

Despite it being at least 10 (maybe 15) years ago.

It was a family gathering at a friends house.

We all brought some food

^^^ It was your typical ‘bring enough food to feed the 5,000’ (but there was about 10 of us)

And one of my cousins - ever so kindly – made a Tiramisu for pudding.

^^^ A guilty pleasure for any coffee drinker…


With a slight – never seen before - twist.

You see, it was in the back seat of the car for the journey.

SOMEONE…put the Tiramisu on the floor.

So, my cousin gets in the car, sits down and the rest is history…

The Tirami-shoe was born.

So, I’ve got a nutritious and filling Tirami-shoe inspired recipe for you today:

Ingredients (serves 2):

* 30 g of gram flour (AKA chickpea flour)

* 25 g of coconut flour

* 1 Scoop of flavoured whey protein powder (I used cookies and cream. Most will be suffice…)

* ½ tbsp. of sodium bicarbonate

* 20 g of mixed seeds

* 1 egg white

* 55 ml of coffee

* 1 kcal fry spray to fry

* 100 g of 0% Greek yoghurt

* 5 g of cocoa powder

* A dash of cinnamon


1) Mix the flour, whey protein, mixed seeds and sodium bicarbonate in a bowl

2) In a separate bowl, whisk 1 egg white until frothy and mix this with 50 ml of coffee

3) Mix the coffee and egg white with the dry ingredients to make a pancake batter mix!

4) Fry 3 or 4 little pancakes using the 1 kcal fry spray

5) Meanwhile, add the following to a blender: 100 g of Greek yoghurt, a drop of coffee, 5 g of cocoa powder and a dash cinnamon…and blend it up to make a creamy filling!

6) Finally, stack the pancakes up, spreading the creamy filling in-between each layer

7) Optional: put your shoe in it…

Nutritional info (per serving)

Protein: 23 g

Carbs: 17 g

Fat: 14 g

Want to make it lower in fat?

1) Drop the coconut flour and just use more gram flour

2) Leave out the mixed seeds

Fill your ‘boots’ (see what I did there?) and let me know how you get on!

Speak soon,


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