“My life has changed dramatically”

I’m always banging on about education being the key to sustaining your weight loss.

And Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Lotte,  sums it up nicely here:

The best part?

That fact Lotte said it’s changed the way she cooks for the family so everyone is benefiting. 

For the simple reason that having the support from friends and family is ONE of the important factors in helping you stick to your nutritional strategy

And keep the weight off (once and for all)

Which is exactly why it’s not about how fast you can run around a gym like a headless chicken 

It’s not about skipping sleep to get another workout in

And it’s not about eating how many ‘super duper’ foods you can get in a meal

It’s about…

Learning about how different types and amounts of foods work for YOU

^^^ As Lotte did

So you can get get more energy, make everyday tasks easier, and feel more confident about the way you look and feel in your clothes. 

Which is exactly what we do in Female Fat Loss Mastery (applications close in 16 days…or when the 5 spaces left are gone)

Apply here: https://frucifit.com/fatlossmastery/

Best wishes,


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