My ‘bored of eating chicken yet it’s all we have in the freezer’ Special

Yep, I get bored of trying to eat ‘healthy’ (as they call it), too.

And to make matters worse…

We’ve had quite a bit of chicken to work through in your freezer.

As we generally buy it in bulk to get a better deal and save time (so I don’t have to shop all of the time)

WOW. That sounded lazy, didn’t it?

Truth is…

I actually am pretty lazy. 

You see, even though I actually enjoy cooking.

I don’t want to spend hours doing it.

Which is why creating simple, tasty, and ‘healthy’ meals that EVERYONE will eat 

^^^ So you don’t have to be the weird dieter eating separately 

Has been a keen focus of mine of late.

Mainly based upon asking women who frequently diet what their biggest barrier was.

And even though I asked for one

I often got 2:


Family commitments 

And I’d personally say that these are two of the biggest assets in our lives!

Which brings me back to making food fun, tasty and healthy…so you spend more time with the family, stress less about what and when to eat, and get off the yoyo dieting bandwagon once and for all.

Here’s one of the recipes from my online nutrition system:

“The bored of eating chicken yet it’s all we have in the freezer special”

Ingredients (serves 2):

* 2 Medium sized chicken 

* 10 asparagus spears!

* Sauce of choice (BBQ, Nando’s, or if you have a bit more time…passata, chilli flakes, salt and pepper!) to cover the chicken

* Salt, pepper and a bit of oil (olive oil or 1 kcal fry spray works well!)

* Optional: 4 medium slices of cheese (cheddar or mozzarella) 

* Optional: Serve with med veggies and / or rice / homemade potato chips!


1) Salt and pepper each side of the chicken breasts

2) Place 5 asparagus spears in the middle of each breast

3) Place the optional (yet tasty) 2 slices of cheese on top and wrap the chicken breast

4) Place the chicken breast wrap side down and cover with your sauce!

5) Cook for 25-30 mins at 190C and serve with some med veggies and / or rice / homemade chips

Have a great weekend,


PS. In case you havent noticed…

I’m NOT a chef.

I just love making food a bit more…fun

So it doesn’t have to be a chore to lose weight and – more importantly – keep it off!

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