How to ditch the baggy clothes by doing LESS

It was ‘date day’ for me and the wife  (this was once date night before baby, Ottilie, was born…now we’re in bed by 830 :-))

And we ended up (after a lovely walk around Littlcote and the Roman Villa) watching a ‘The Shallows’

A ‘Jaws’ like film with Blake Lively

And there’s been a lot of controversy around her diet and exercise programme given that she only gave birth 8 months before this film

My 2-pence?

1) Good on her for doing the things she needed to do to star in a film

2) Good on her for saying that she would NOT recommend a new mum go on such an extreme diet and exercise protocol 

I don’t know what she did by the way…but sounds a lot like workout out every day and eating lettuce….

Which is crazy because with my wife the focus was on boosting her iron levels so we could have a walk to Waitrose together 🙂


Blake plays a medical student who goes off to Mexico for that ‘Perfect Getaway’ to take some time off her studies following the death of her mum

And to save you 2 hours of your life…

She gets bitten by a shark.

Is trapped…and completely alone!

What follows is a ‘battle of wits’

And a true lesson in ‘resourcefulness’

^^^ The ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties

You see, if that was me having been bitten by a shark in Cornwall (my second home)

I’d be flapping…BIG TIME (even the jelly fish scare me :-))

^^^ And probably wouldn’t have lasted a second

What I’m leading up to is this:

When life seems scary




The key to winning is to STAY CALM when everyone else would LOSE THEIR $#*!….

^^^ Read that again

Blake’s on a rock

Patching herself up

Talking to herself as if she were a patient (remembering what she learnt as a medical student)

Which BUYS her TIME to RESPOND and NOT REACT (and scream ‘jelly fish….HELP! as I have in Cornwall)

^^^ Read that again

So she can make better-informed, more intelligent decisions

and it’s exactly the same when it comes to this losing weight, toning up and dropping a few dress sizes for Summer game

Because what happens when that ‘perfect diet’ you follow for a few weeks goes wrong?

What happens when you’re invited to a BBQ and ANOTHER kid’s birthday party?

^^^ Did you see that your 7th birthday party is the most expensive birthday party you will ever have?

When you can’t pack your magical ‘diet shake’?

When you don’t know whether this food is ‘healthy’ or ‘syn-free’?

How do you REACT?

And I get it

you feel like you’ve failed, right?


and go back to that same diet again on Monday (or Tuesday this week because of the Bank Holiday)

^^^ They do say that insanity is hereditary…You get it from your kid’s!

But I won’t bang on anymore today about how you can get out of this REACTIVE state

Escape your self-made good-bad, all-or-nothing mentality that keeps stopping you from levelling up your energy levels and feeling more confident in your favourite clothes

And ditch the so-called ‘perfect diet’

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Matt ‘tick tock’ Fruci

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