Lessons from my Grandad

So, about 9 months ago now my Grandad was asking me all about…


He had been told to control his blood sugar levels as they were too high.

Now, he was getting knee problems from time to time which would stop him moving.

Which would mean he’d exercise less 


Burn off less energy / sugar

But in his wise words:

‘If I get up and about it feels better’ (say this in an Italian – English accent…and repeat LOL)

He’s well into his 80’s and…

* Still works on the farm

* Does his neighbours gardening (I know, I wish I lived next door, too)

* Grows everything you need in his garden (tomatoes, peas, carrots, beetroot, broccoli, courgettes, chillies to name a few).

* Looks after chickens to get his good fats and proteins from his eggs

* Makes his own red vino…

* And can play the accordion (which I’m not sure is relevant, but hey ho)

And guess what?

By moving more, ditching his sugar in his teas (he still has his Rich Tea biscuits) and swapping sweet treats for fruits (and eating a balanced diet, including red meat, fish, meatballs, pasta, and chicken…)

His blood sugar levels are now under control and in his words:


and it just goes to show how small steps can make a HUGE difference

Whether you’re 26 (my age…), 55 or going on 90

It’s you vs you

It doesn’t matter what Jane, Emma, or Sam are doing. 

If you’re better than yesterday, that’s all that matters!

Have a great weekend,


PS. I’ve spoken before over here about ‘reversing diabetes’ 

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