Want to know exactly what’s in your food?

Well – perhaps – I have some good news for you.

It’s quite scary to think about


Ever so real and becoming more of a reality. 

In fact, this all probably means that my kids will grow up in a world where:

* You won’t have the patience to wait 24 hours for a delivery from Amazon

* Going to the supermarket for your groceries will be ‘so last decade’ (even shopping online will be…)

* You’ll be your own chef, designer, and hairdresser

* And you’ll know exactly what’s in your food because – well – you made it 

^^^ Or maybe your sister sent it to you on the computer whilst on holiday in the Canaries….

What I’m talking about is 3D printing…

Have you heard about it?

Well, very soon – and NOW in some cases – you could be designing and printing

* Your new shoes for the Christmas party

* Your designer dress tailored to your exact waist, bust and hips that day, hour and minute…

* New organs so you can just get a new one when one packs up (scary times…)

* Your food so we literally get it instantly and know exactly what’s in it (it will put an end to your Sunday morning trip to One Stop to get the milk for your coffee…)

They’re developing the mechanisms to be able to design a meal, print it, eat it, and even send it to a friend for them to try.

No more sharing recipes with you….

I’ll be sharing actual food with you.

Delivered to your door (of your 3D printer…)

With the exact nutrients you need to stop you craving that 323pm sugary ‘pick me up’, put you in control of your hunger and get you into that new, fitted dress you’ve just designed on your 3D printer

You’ll even be able to see whether you’re deficient in certain nutrients that are overlooked

Like Vitamin B12 and Iron

^^^ Which may explain why you feel tired and low in energy

Or perhaps magnesium 

^^^ which may explain muscle cramps and poor sleep

But until then…

My Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme comes pretty close to this.

Empowering you to understand how different types and amounts of food and exercise impact:

* Your energy levels so you can do more of the things you want to do. 

* How you fit your favourite, more fashionable clothes (as opposed to the baggy ones…)

* Your relationship with food so you can be in control of your hunger and eating habits and stop blaming ‘willpower’ for another failed diet

* Your stress levels, sleep, and daily habits to help you ditch the love handles and promote that leaner, more toned look

All so you can have the knowledge to be in control of your own nutritional strategy that fits your lifestyle so you can ditch the fat, feel in control, keep it off AND…

Dare I say it…

Be happier (and ditch the constant diet hopping…)

To see if you’re a good fit for my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme, go here:


Best wishes,


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