Type 2 Diabetes, Your Diet, and First Great Western…

So, 1 in 3 of us now have “pre-diabetes”…

^^^ Read that again

Because diabetes isn’t something to be taken lightly. 

It increases your risk of:

* Cardiovascular disease

* Nerve damage

* Kidney damage

* Eye damage

* Foot damage

* Even Alzheimer’s

Now, what was I talking about…

Oh yes, diabetes 

Now, first things first, I’m referring to Type 2 diabetes here.

Which is – essentially – a ‘signaling’ problem

^^^ a bit like those Great Western Trains…’we are sorry to announce that the first Great Western Express Service to London Paddington is delayed by approximately 40 minutes due to signalling problems’. Ever heard that one?

You see, Type 2 diabetes generally occurs when we become resistant to a hormone produced by your pancreas.

This hormone is called insulin.

Now, insulin is a storage hormone. 

^^^ It’s a bit like me when it comes to clothes. I never chuck clothes away. I’m a hoarder. I’m always storing clothes, folders, books. I never chuck it away. I seem to be storing it for a ‘rainy day’ (unless the wife instructs me to have a clear out…)

So, insulin essentially tells all of your muscle cells, fat cells, liver cells etc.

To take in and store the energy you’ve got from your food. 

Now, I know, I know…

This sounds like quite a bad thing, right?

The last thing you want to do is store sugar and fat…

But this mechanism of storing energy is actually the thing that makes us humans pretty good at surviving those long, cold winters where food is / WAS scarce.

Back in the day, this insulin hormone would help you store away all of your energy from food when you had access to it

So that during a famine or the cold winter months…

You would survive and use your own fat  / sugar stores as energy to help you survive. 

The only problem now is that you have:

* 24 / 7 supermarkets
* Amazon Prime
* And £1 chocolate bars thrown at you even when you pay for your petrol (notice how the cashier in the small petrol station goes really slow to allow you to decide that you are in fact hungry and need a £1 chocolate bar to get you from the shop back to your car)

So, now you have food in abundance. 

And if you are constantly overeating

^^^ Particularly with sugar…

Without having periods of undereating AKA famine

You’re telling your pancreas to secrete more and more insulin to store it all away.

And you see, your muscle, liver and fat cells begin to ignore this message from insulin.

It’s a bit like a bad smell in a room.

When you first walk in, you really notice the smell, right?

But then you get used to it and it takes the other half (or your pregnant wife) to walk into the room to remind you just how bad the smell of that sea bass fillet is. 

And this is the signaling problem I was talking about. 

You become resistant to insulin


Type 2 diabetes is essentially insulin resistance. 

Your muscle, liver and fat cells stop taking up the energy / sugar from your blood (that you got from your food)
Which means your blood sugar levels go really high


* You start going to the toilet more
* You feel tired a lot and low on energy
* You start craving sugary things for that pick me up
* You may experience nerve issues
* You may get blurred vision 

And this is all due to the fact your cells can’t get the energy that it wants. 

Because the energy is all in your blood. 

And when this energy stays in your blood stream, it causes the long-term complications I talked about with heart disease and eye, kidney, and feet damage.  

Which is why you MAY end up having to take medication to reduce your blood sugar levels

^^^ either by helping your pancreas make more insulin to help the muscle, fat and liver cells take up the sugar 


By making your muscle, fat, and liver cells more sensitive to insulin so it lets the sugar come in.

It’s a bit like putting WD40 on your rusty locks. 

The key now fits, the cells open up, and the sugar goes in…

Which means your blood sugar levels come back down.

But do you know what else does this?


And – in particular – resistance exercise. 

This forces your body to use up the sugar as energy. 

It improves your signaling problems
^^^ Maybe First Great Western should open gyms on their trains…

And does all of this WITHOUT insulin

Which gives your pancreas a well-deserved rest!

You know what else helps improve your signalling? 



Especially from around your stomach

Because this interferes with how your pancreas and liver work. 

And that fat around your stomach can result in you being more prone to developing Type 2 diabetes. 

Now, what’s the best diet and exercise programme to lose fat and reduce your risk or even ‘reverse’ Type 2 diabetes?

Well, the one you can stick to. 

The one that empowers you to make better-informed decisions about the foods you eat (so you don’t have to rely on food manufacturers telling you what’s ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’)

And the one that helps you burn off the excess energy and ditch the love handles, WITHOUT getting bored of the same cookie-cutter diet and exercises and blaming willpower for your 323pm volcano brownie binge so you gain back control of your relationship with food and exercise

Which is exactly what I spoke about in this weeks VIP seminar and teach you in my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme

Speak soon,


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PPS. This isn’t for everyone. If you just want an hours run around and a cookie-cutter diet plan, this isn’t the programme for you. 


If you want a mind and body transformation so you can be educated to make better – informed decisions about your food and exercise choices and build a nutritional strategy that you can stick to, fits your lifestyle and leaves you feeling more confident in your favourite clothes…

Go here: https://frucifit.com/free7daytrial/

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