Lessons from a toddler meltdown

So we stopped off at the service station the other day coming back from family’s

We had some hungry babies…..me included 😉

Anyway, we get there and

head into the M&S Food 

And our nearly 2 year old, insists on holding the basket.

Soooo cute at the time. 

But as the basket got heavier?

She started to struggle to pick it up

And got a bit frustrated.

That she couldn’t really pick it up

And she wouldn’t let me help her, either.

So I left her to figure it out

And THEN the final straw came…

I put some peppers in for some dips we got…

Now, bear in mind that she LOVES peppers…

She also now wanted to eat the peppers.


Carry a super heavy basket…

Of course, she couldn’t do both at the same time…

She ended up dropping the pepper

Which slowly, rolled underneath the fridge…

With my daughter painfully watching it roll away , as she looked back

screaming :


Why am I telling you this?

Well, it’s a valuable lesson in how if you try to do it all at once?

You might end up with nothing…

And set yourself up for failure:

‘chase two rabbits, end up with none’..

And this is what the research shows with New Years Resolutions, too…

Here’s what they found to work:

🥂A plan with action based ‘baby steps’ instead of big leaps of faith (you’ll be more likely to do it…and you only get results for done)


🥂The belief that YOU can be consistent with it (so it has to fit your lifestyle)


🥂A plan that’s aligned with what’s most valuable to you as a person (family, health, confidence, energy, TIME etc)

So, a quick question to get you motivated today:

What are you going to do differently in 2019?

I can guarantee that if you start doing this now

By April, it’ll just become second nature…

(then you just have to make sure you give yourself some credit for doing it and remind yourself that you are doing OK)

Matt ‘peppppppeeerrrrrr’ Fruci

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