Less Stress = Less Results

One thing I’ve noticed about myself (and others)

is how we often wish for ZERO problems..

We don’t explicitly say it

But I guess we do in how we REACT to these problems.. AKA STRESS 

You see, one of my main issues right now?

Is fitting everything in…

Sometimes I wish I had ‘less stress’

It would sure make it easier to hit my goals (I assume):

1️⃣ Family (dates with Mrs Fruci… and babies),

2️⃣ fitness (look after your body, it’ll look after you…and it makes me feel better so I have more energy and capacity to deal with stress..and sets an example for babies about self care << the cure for most insecurities)

3️⃣ Mindset (me time and working on my confidence and ability to handle stress)

4️⃣ and Fun (as how do you feel when you have fun?)


One thing we forget is that 


Because stress is NOT going anywhere

Your brain is happy when it is solving problems

If you try to avoid it

It’ll still be there

You’ll just need up stressing about something else

(like Brexit…the weather…and traffic)

So what’s the only thing that can change?

You ability to deal with stress…

Something we do in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme by scoring you on your food, fitness and focus (mindset) every week…

Because then you focus on the PROCESS

Which just so happens to take care of the RESULTS themselves…

Be it feeling more confident in the clothes you wear, losing some stomach weight and / or ​​​​​​feeling fitter and less out of breath doing every day tasks…


than stressing about the scales fluctuating up and down and beating yourself up for it

(which actually stops you doing the things you know you need to do…)​​​​​​

Matt ​​

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PPS. Check out my quick post on 5 things to help you take control of comfort eating:



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