Lessons from the daughter (and baloo)


Pooing (as a nutritionist, I find this part rather interesting…luckily. I’m like the nerdy guy queuing up for his brand new iPhone that he just couldn’t wait an extra day for. But in my case, I’m queuing up to change yet another dirty nappy!)

Sleeping (sometimes ;-))

I’ve been welcomed with both arms into parenthood

And as much as we can blame and moan

It’s the most wonderful thing ever…

But something I’ve already learned in my short experience (and Baloo from The Jungle Book..can’t forget the ‘bare necessities’)

The importance of staying calm 

Even when things aren’t quite going to schedule (that’s life, right?)

Funnily enough…

it’s also the difference between:

a) losing weight, giving up and piling it back on


b) losing weight and keeping it off (something that I completely get is hard to do)

Think about it..

How many times have you lost it after giving in to a biscuit and finished the pack?

Lost it because you had a meal out with friends and i “didn’t fit” with your rigid diet?

Had an argument with the other half?

Lost it with your kids?

Just remember how it ends…

With some guilt, right?

Maybe a bit of regret?

Now, of course 

I can’t promise that your other half will take the bins out this morning (“it was his ONE job”…)

Just like I can’t promise that the kids will sleep through the night or pull a tantrum…

But what I do have is a system in Female Fat Loss Mastery that takes a away ONE stress

^^^ by getting the basics RIGHT…AKA the bare necessities 

Helps you discover what and when to eat to lose weight, feel more confident, and have more energy.

Empowers you to fit exercise in when it suits YOU (be it at home whilst the kettle is boiling or with fellow like-minded females looking to lose weight and get more energy) 

Which in turn…

Takes a bit less willpower (because it fits your lifestyle and takes away the stress of having to make decisions after decisions all day about looking after everyone else let alone YOU)


You can – dare I say it – stay calm 

Take control

And know that 1 biscuit doesn’t mean 10

And that a meal out with a glass of wine with friends doesn’t meant “diet starts Monday” and that the vicious yoyo dieting cycle where you pile it back on again does NOT have the green light.

Matt “bare necessities” Fruci

PS. Nappy changing services are not included in Female Fat Loss Mastery….


If you’re ready to build a diet and exercise programme that gives you more energy and helps you slim down so you can feel more confident in your favourite clothes (without going to a gym, taking up all of your time, or giving up your favourite foods)

Apply here:


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