You can blame genetics for this one

I couldn’t help but notice Piers Morgan on morning TV the other day 

^^^ I never watch morning TV anymore and thought Eamon Holmes was still doing it… 

But regardless of the presenter…

It’s the same old, same old…doom and gloom

Crashes, shootings, no beds in hospitals etc.


Well, it’s an entertainment industry.

If the news reported that a patient went into hospital for an operation. Had it and came out the same day…fully recovered

You’d be bored.

And both me and you are actually programmed to pay more attention to “bad” news than “good” news

It’s an evolutionary thing

I mean, imagine when we were hunter gatherers 

Seeing a smiling lion (maybe like Simba)

And then a mean, nasty lion who wanted to kill you (maybe Scar)

I’m pretty sure you’d pay more attention to Scar.

But all that this “bad” news that they report to us does does is change our mindset from a:

‘life is happening FOR you” mentality 

To a:

“life is happening against you” mentality

And we then start to glamourise the past

Forgetting that life and the world today – as a whole – is actually probably the best it’s ever been 

You have more knowledge and access to resources to help you live longer, more prosperous lives

There’s less poverty in the world than ever

You have access to food (probably too much ;-)) and water 

The ability to further yourself with education from anywhere in the world

The chance to travel and go to the other side of the world (maybe into space soon)

Opportunities to speak with any family member ‘face to face’…even if they live in New Zealand…

Of course, there are still many problems that still need solving








But on a whole…we’ve got better 

Now, you only notice this when you take a step back

And it’s a bit like this weight loss and toning up game

You forget just how far you’ve come come.

Focus on ONE bad day

Forgetting how far you’ve come in the past 3,6 or 12 months

^^^ Or even week as a Lean For Life Body Transformation member did last week (she lost 4lbs in a week, yet was focussing on the fact she hadn’t been 100% on it <<< moral of this tangent? Strive for consistency NOT perfection.

Forgetting about your more positive relationship with food, slimmer waistline and complements from friends and family asking how they’ve done it

^^^ imagine that?

Best wishes

Matt “perspective” Fruci

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