Saturday Kitchen With Matt


You don’t have James Martin

The Hairy Bikers

Rick Stein

Or Michel Roux cooking for you today on Saturday Kitchen



You don’t have one them fitness “gurus” cooking for you

^^^ Like Davina McCall (who’s sharing ‘sugar free’ recipes with dates and honey which DO contain sugar so technically she is NOT ‘sugar-free’ in 5 weeks…although I get what she means RE: added sugar <<< this IS a problem but more on that another day)


Who am I to have a say?

I mean, I’m no chef at all

But this actually plays to my strengths

Because as someone who spent 7 years at studying at university

You could say I’m pretty lazy

And now I’ve got a lil bambino to look after

I’m looking for quick, healthy, and nourishing meals that the wife will eat (and baby once she’s grown big and strong…)

To save time

Save money

And enjoy my food!

So here’s a quick Coconut Chicken recipe (which makes lean chicken breast a little more fun…as I find it incredibly boring sometimes)..

Ingredients (Serves 2):

* 2 medium sized chicken breasts sliced into chunks to look like nuggets (about 100g each)

* 100g unsweetened coconut 

* Coconut oil or 1 kcal fry light

* Salt and pepper

* 1 egg


1) Whisk an egg in one 
bowl and combine coconut, salt and pepper in a separate bowl

2) Dip each chicken nugget into the egg and cover with the coconut mixture

3) Place on to an oiled baking tray and make sure all the nugget is covered by some oil (turn it or spray with 1kcal fry spray)

4) ​​​​​​Serve with your favourite veggies and sweet potato chips (as I did)

​​​Just one of the quick and easy recipes being added to the ever-growing list on my Fruci Fit Nutrition System…all nutritionally calculated for YOU

So you can choose your meals, automatically generate your shopping list, save time, save money and ENJOY your food without fearing so-called ‘bad’ foods like ​​​Tandoori kebabs, simple breakfast muffins, AND rocky road 😉

Want to learn more? 

​​​Go here: ​​​​​​


Matt ‘​​lazy nutritionist’ Fruci


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