‘Can’t stick to it. I’m rubbish. F it’

‘Can’t stick to it..I’m rubbish..why bother?…F it’

Ever said anything like that to yourself?

I know I have…

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve said that…It’s been that many.

Be it when I first started Fruci Fit & left working at Public Health, when trying to public speak, applying for PhD’s and being rejected, struggling to get a job after uni when I almost thought I was entitled to a job…I could go on…

And I get similar messages from a lot of the ladies I work with when it comes to this health and fitness stuff.

The struggle to STAY motivated. Keep going. Even when stuff comes up in life that knocks in the face…

They want to change. They know something has to change, be it their mindset, relationship with food, or exercise habits

But there’s something blocking them…stopping them from sticking to something long enough to see sustainable results.

They’ll often ‘shame’ themselves into doing it. Think that if they make themselves feel bad enough? They’ll change.

‘I’m rubbish. Why can’t I do it? They’re so much better than me…I’m lazy’

But when this doesn’t work?

We go on to the ‘blame’ game…

‘It’s my other half fault for leaving chocolates out’

parents fault…

I have no time…

I’m not fit enough…

and we bounce back between shaming ourselves to do something



So what do I recommend?

Well, something we do inside our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme is to make it a game..

So you can keep score..and see the facts

Separate these FACTS from feelings…

And see exactly where you’re going wrong and where you need to improve

(rather than shame or blame…)

So you can focus on getting a LITTLE bit better everyday

Essentially, you are accepting responsibility and accepting where you are now

So you can focus on being better TODAY than you were yesterday

To increase your capacity to handle stress

Respond to situations (like the number on the scales) rather than REACT…and think F it…

To do the things you know you need to do to get the results you want…

to get more energy and feel more confident…

So what do we do?

You score yourself each week on your :

Food – did you hit your plan to give your body the nutrients it needs to get more energy?

Fitness – did you move and hit your fitness plan? Look after your body, it’ll look after you

Focus – did you do something for YOU. Take some time out. Have some fun?

All I can say is that I wouldn’t recommend something I don’t do or that isn’t evidenced based to save you time, help you lose fat, and feel better & healthier

And this is essentially the principles behind what the ladies use here: www.FruciFit.com/Results

Because this makes it YOUR plan…not mine. Which means you’ll probably be more like to stick to it.​

Matt ‘F it’ Fruci

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PPS. Check out my quick post on 5 things to help you take control of comfort eating:



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