Why the latest health craze is backwards

Do you remember the old dial up broadband?

It used to make those crazy noises and take about 10 minutes just to connect.

Can you imagine how annoyed we’d be with that now?

And if they told you that you had to pay £20 extra to to use it?

Well, have you heard about ‘raw water’?

It’s the latest health trend, costing you £20 for a glass of water

But it’s not just any water. Oh no.

It’s water from a spring.  

That’s unfiltered, untreated and unsterilised…

And I get trhat if you find a spring that’s safe and tested , then great.

But you only have to look all over the world at how untreated water can leave people with very serious illnesses (cholera, typhoid etc.)

Which begs the question: are we going backwards with all this nutrition stuff?

Making it more complicated than it should be?

Because here’s the thing.

So many so called “nutritionists” will automatically assume that because we used to do something back when we were hunter gatherers, it’s better today…

From eating zero carbs to drinking raw water…

But – clearly – this isn’t the case.

1. We live longer now than we used to

2. Hunter gatherers basically just ate what was available, be it meat, honey or plants

So, I just wanted to give you a few pointers before starting your next diet :

1) if they say “this one way” is the ONLY way to lose fat? Call them Pinocchio. The power is in personalising your diet to you and your lifestyle so you can stick to it

2) If they guarantee you results but don’t offer you a refund if you do the work but don’t get results …run away!

3) if they say you need fat burners and detox supplements…raise your eye brow

4) if they say you need to have a DNA test to lose weight…ask them if they know anything about how they use DNA to come up with a diet for you? (Also ask them if they know that 98% of our DNA is the same as a chimpanzee). Now, DNA will be the future. But right now? It’s like saying people have umbrellas when it’s raining. Therefore umbrellas cause rain…

So there you have it.

Matt “real, raw, and tested” Fruci
Fruci Fit
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