What happened to Julie

Go this message from Shift member, Julie, last week:

"1 January 2016 I weighed 12st 3lb. I resolved once again to loose 2st and not put it back on. During that year I tried Weight Watchers and cut out the foods and alcohol that I love to loose the weight. 29th May 2016 I was down to 11st but then gave up so by 1 January 2017 I was once again 12st 3lb!  As soon as I had stopped depriving myself the weight went straight back on.

December 2016 I started seeing posts about you and Fruci Fit. I was intrigued so I checked out your website. I was inspired by what you were saying and you seemed to know a lot about women’s weight issues and also by Billy’s testimonial who looked amazing, I wanted to look like her. 

So after a little procrastination and a few emails to you I bit the bullet and joined in January 2017. The BEST decision of my dieting life.

You are truly inspirational, motivational and always there to support me even when I’m not in the U.K.! You have taught me so much, how to plan and control my food without ever having to give up what I enjoy. It is no longer a diet to me it’s just what I do everyday and that’s why it works.

Combined with the exercise which I have come to love, ok like, I have not felt fitter and more toned in years.

My journey so far has been steady and I am happy to say that this 1 January 2018 I am 10st 9lb!! I feel and look so much better, no more 12st 3lb for me.

I know it isn’t all about weight but that has been my measure these last few years and it’s how I currently measure my success.

Thank you Matt for everything you have done with me I am so looking forward to the next stage of my journey and I know with you sitting on my shoulder I will succeed in my next goal."

I'll admit, reading that literally made me feel so happy and more motivated than ever to spread the message. 

Which is why I'm on a mission this January to help as many ladies as possible stick to their New Year Resolutions by giving away 20 Personal Training Trial Packages 

This opportunity starts TOMORROW (with your first tone up task sent to you today...)

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