I lasted 3 minutes…

Have you been watching Fortitude?

The ‘boss’ (AKA my wife)

Had it on the other day

She loves it

‘A psychological thriller’:

One of the safest places in the world

That had never seen a crime…

Until now

^^^ Read that again in a movie trailer type of voice to add dramatic effects ūüôā

And I lasted all of…

3 minutes


Well, I get confused

I get frustrate

^^^ Just like I did when the wife tried to get me watching Game Of Thrones

And I give up…

Going back to doing the simple things

^^^¬†Usually singing ‘bare necessities’ to my daughter (although I should probably learn more of¬†the words…)

My point?

Well, it’s exactly the same when it comes to this weight loss and bingo wing ditching¬†game.

‘The more you have to think, the more confused you get’…

‘Is this healthy enough for me?’

“Is this heathy enough for my kids?’

“I can’t eat¬†healthy because it means only eating bland and boring foods’

Confusing, right?

And all this just gives you an excuse to do nothing

Which means that nothing changes

^^^ Even with the first¬†quarter of the year now gone…

Which is exactly why my Fat Loss Mastery programme makes things super simple for you

So you can stick to it, get more energy, improve your sleep and -dare I say it – get your ‘me’ time back

^^^ Because you’ll spend less time worrying about what and when to eat to get a flat belly and ditch the baggy, Winter clothes with more confidence

Matt ‘simples’ Fruci

PS. The deadline for the free 7-day trial on my Fat Loss Mastery body transformation programme is Sunday 2nd April at 730pm

So if you’re seriously committed to transforming your body and mindset (so you can ditch the jelly belly without stressing about piling it back on again)

Apply here:


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